2019 Relief Work Report

Throughout 2019, different parts of the world continue to respond to the destruction brought about by natural disasters and conflicts. In Indonesia, recovery work from the massive earthquake and tsunami is still under way. Elsewhere, as a consequence of the conflicts in Syria and Rakhine, Myanmar, millions of refugees are still unable to go home. At the same time, the threat that climate change poses is also becoming more and more evident, with India, southern Africa and the Philippines all having been hit by cyclones and typhoons.

To respond to these calamities, World Vision Hong Kong raised over HK$48.55 million (including more than 28.44 million from HKSAR Government’s Disaster Relief Fund) in the 2019 fiscal year (from 1 October 2018 to 30 September 2019). We sincerely thank the generous gifts of every donor, which were pooled with funds from other World Vision offices to respond to emergencies, at times in partnership with other humanitarian organisations, to provide timely help and hope for those in need.

Syria Crisis

Now, nine years after the civil war in Syria started, over 11 million people are still displaced from their homes, not knowing when it will be safe to return. In the future, Syria needs a large input of resources and time to repair the damage done and restore its people’s lives. In the past year, World Vision has been continuing its work in Syria and neighbouring countries to provide assistance for displaced families.

Key Activities

  • Offer sports, life skills training and learning opportunities for children in refugee camps, allowing them to discover their potential and continue their development
  • Distribute winterisation items, such as stoves and fuel, for families to prepare for winter
  • Support clinics, with a priority on women’s and girls’ health through improving delivery room facilities and offering services like assisted deliveries

No. of Beneficiaries: about 1.2 million

Conflict in Rakhine, Myanmar

After conflict broke out in Rakhine, Myanmar in late August 2017, over 900,000 people are still seeking refuge in neighbouring Bangladesh. With facilities and hygiene in the refugee camps being poor, refugees are exposed to threats such as diseases and natural disasters, while children are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking and dropping out of school. World Vision has been providing assistance on the ground to refugees since the beginning of the conflict, keeping these stranded children and families safe from life-threatening situations.

Key Activities

  • Construct latrines and install handwashing facilities and bathing spaces
  • Distribute hygiene kits, jerry cans, water chlorination tablet packages, food packages and food vouchers
  • Initiate cash-for-work activities to improve the infrastructure of refugee camps and restore the dignity of refugees

No. of Beneficiaries: about 371,600

Earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia

On 28 September 2018, a massive earthquake of magnitude 7.4 hit Sulawesi, Indonesia, and triggered a tsunami that destroyed the coastal city of Palu. Consequently, soil liquefaction occurred on the island, causing houses to collapse. The disaster displaced over 200,000 people, and recovery is still in progress.

Key Activities

  • Distribute food, tents, kitchen tools, tarpaulins and hygiene kits
  • Run Child-Friendly Spaces to offer psychosocial and peer support for children
  • Clean and level farmland and provide seeds, fertilisers and tools for affected farmers to resume farming

No. of Beneficiaries: about 161,000

Cyclones and Typhoons in India, Southern Africa and The Philippines

In May last year, Cyclone Fani became the strongest tropical cyclone in over 40 years to hit Odisha, East India. The storm brought severe damage to the coastal state, affecting more than 15 million people.

In March, three countries in Southern Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi were struck by Cyclone Idai, which caused serious floods. Three months after the storm, over three million people were still dependent on humanitarian assistance.

The Philippines was hit by Typhoon Mangkhut in September 2018, with torrential rains causing flash floods and landslides, affecting over two million people.

Key Activities

  • India: Distribute food and hygiene kits, as well as tarpaulins and ropes for building temporary shelters
  • Southern Africa: Conduct hygiene education, restore water supply systems and build latrines
  • The Philippines: Distribute hygiene kits, household kits and kitchen tools

No. of Beneficiaries: about 1.18 million

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