World Vision Hong Kong in Nepal (2017)

World Vision Hong Kong in Nepal (2017)


In recent years, Nepal has been in constant transition. This is partly due to the relatively frequent changes in government, as well as its challenging geography and susceptibility to natural disasters such as earthquakes and monsoons. Economically, although Nepal was able to half its poverty rate in 7 years and significantly reduced income inequality, it remains one of the poorest and slowest-growing economies in Asia, requiring long-term and effective solutions to its many problems including large-scale migration of labour and poor infrastructure.

World Vision started its long-term development work in Nepal in 2001. Currently, World Vision International Nepal (WVIN) works in 14 districts of the country and runs 17 Area Development Programmes across 10 districts. After the devastating earthquakes in 2015, WVIN responded with immediate relief, followed by recovery and rehabilitation efforts in some of the worst-hit districts, working alongside humanitarian stakeholders, government and community partners to help children and families recover and strengthen their resilience.

In 2017, World Vision Hong Kong contributed approximately HK$31.2 million to support 3 ADPs and 7 other projects in Nepal, benefiting over 138,600 people.

2017 Work Highlights

Area Development Programmes

Area Development Programmes (ADP)

World Vision Hong Kong supported 3 ADPs to improve the livelihoods of children and their families, and encouraged their active participation in the process of building a sustainable community.


  • Organised reading camps for about 3,000 children to help improve their literacy rate.
  • Taught over 1,800 parents ways to help with their children's development at home.


  • Organised training and awareness-raising events for more than 2,900 farmers to improve their production.
  • Involved 1,900 families with young children in saving groups.


  • Provided guidelines regarding pregnancy and motherhood for about 7,600 adolescent girls, parents and family members.
  • About 3,300 caregivers received training related to nutrition needed by young children.


  • Educated about 5,300 community members on hygienic and sanitary practices.
  • Taught more than 3,200 people how to identify water purification methods for their homes.

Child Protection

  • Offered training on child rights and protection to about 140 people.
  • Provided 210 people with knowledge of seasonal hazards and their prevention methods

Funding (HK$): $12,422,000; No. of Beneficiaries: 130,680

Earthquake Rehabilitation

  • Renovated 4 schools with 40 classrooms to increase their resistance towards earthquakes and equipped them with needed sanitary facilities.
  • Involved over 1,500 people in hygiene promotion sessions.
  • Distributed agricultural input to over 200 vulnerable families.

Funding (HK$): $604,700; No. of Beneficiaries: 45,220

* Since 2015, over 573,600 people have benefited from all phases of this project.

Total Funding (HK$): 31,201,000; Total No. of Beneficiaries: 138,630

Words from CEO

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