God is Good All the Time
by Kevin Chiu, Chief Executive Officer of World Vision Hong Kong

I was cleaning some old files and this photo caught my eye.

It was a classroom. I was holding a small child. On the blackboard has these big words: “Welcome Visitors. ‘God is Good All The Time.’” The photo was taken nearly eight years ago, dated 19/11/2010.

I was visiting a very rural community in Malawi supported by child sponsors from Hong Kong. We were meeting the young students, their teachers, and some of their parents.

“God is Good All The Time” is what really caught my eye and stirred my mind. What a powerful statement and claim!

“Do I really believe it? Do I really affirm it?” I asked myself.

Is God good? Yes.
Is God good most of the time? Yes.
Is God good all the time? 100% of the time? No matter what happens? No matter how I feel?

It seems that our friends in Malawi affirmed it and that was why they wrote it on the blackboard to encourage us.

Malawi is one of the poorest places on earth. Many here don't always have enough to eat. Children are malnourished. Mothers die of childbirth complications. Water is not clean. Children don't always go to school. They are sick and not getting decent medical treatment. Survival is hard and often a lifetime uphill battle.

Despite all the livelihood problems, these people want to share with us that “God is Good All The Time”.

Thank you Malawians - though you are poor in material, you are rich in faith!
You are my teachers in faith and in learning that “God is Good All The Time.”

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