World Vision Hong Kong in Bangladesh (2016)


Since gaining independence in 1971, Bangladesh has gradually become an exemplar of poverty reduction and economic empowerment, being able to produce enough food to feed its people. However, with about 28 million people still living below the poverty line, the need for Bangladesh to improve the quality of its health, education and social protection services, as well as infrastructure, remains.

World Vision first got involved with Bangladesh in early 1970s by providing relief aid for cyclone victims and refugees displaced by the war between India and Pakistan. Following Bangladesh's independence, World Vision set up an office in Dhaka in 1973 and started relief and rehabilitation programmes at the invitation of the Bangladesh Government. Currently, World Vision Bangladesh works in 80 locations at the sub-district level, with 62 ongoing Area Development Programmes.

In 2016, World Vision Hong Kong contributed approximately HK$30.6 million to support 6 ADPs and 4 other projects in Bangladesh, benefiting over 570,300 people.

2016 Work Highlights

Area Development Programmes


  • Provided basic educational materials for school for 3,100 children, and involved around 1,290 children in early education programmes which equipped them with abilities for primary school.
  • Educated over 2,900 teachers and parents on the importance of quality early childhood education.

Economic Development

  • Provided training and assets for around 3,100 small business owners and farmers to improve their production. It is expected that this will help increase their income and self-sustainability.
  • Established saving groups for about 860 people from vulnerable background to improve their livelihoods.


  • Provided medical care, such as full vaccinations or growth monitoring, for more than 15,380 children, which ensured healthy development and protection against diseases.
  • Educated over 12,160 adults and children on vital sanitary practices.

Child Protection

  • Provided information on child rights and protection for about 5,400 people, with 7 local child protection advocacy groups functioning to coordinate and support child protection issues. Over 500 children acted as peer educators.
  • Equipped more than 2,560 community members with knowledge of identifying and responding to natural disasters through 4 community-based disaster management committees.

Funding (HK$): 28,000,000; No. of Beneficiaries: 560,360

Child Labour Reduction Projects

  • Nearly 2,600 families voluntarily withdrew their children from hazardous work after being educated on child rights and consequences of child labour.
  • Educated about 5,220 children and teachers on child rights and child labour issues in village children councils and schools.
  • Conducted training sessions for 1,760 children and parents to equip them with useful skills and knowledge, thereby reducing the need for children to become child labour.

Funding (HK$): 2,580,000
; No. of Beneficiaries: 10,000

Total Funding (HK$): 30,580,000; Total No. of Beneficiaries: 570,360

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