World Vision Hong Kong in Uganda (2016)


Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa, sharing borders with Kenya, South Sudan, DR Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. After a six-year conflict ended in 1986, the new government began reforms that have helped reduce poverty and improved economic growth. However, in recent years, the economy has faced headwinds, including adverse weather and conflict in South Sudan. At present, Uganda has one million South Sudanese refugees, most of whom are women and children. 

World Vision started its work in Uganda in 1986 to help communities in central Uganda to resettle and rebuild their infrastructure after the war. Today, World Vision is operating 48 Area Development Programmes (ADPs) in Uganda. 

In 2016, World Vision Hong Kong contributed approximately HK$16.62 million to support 3 ADPs and 10 other projects in Uganda, benefiting over 97,000 people. 

2016 Work Highlights

Area Development Programmes


  • 20 schools received over 4,000 books and 200 desks to create a positive learning environment for students
  • Classrooms were constructed in a primary school to improve the classroom to student ratio from 1:98 to 1:55
  • 70 teachers and caregivers were equipped to improve children’s life skills


  • Over 800 farmers are practising improved farming technologies and techniques
  • 32 savings groups were established; 110 farmers had access to micro-finance services
  • Formed 10 functional disaster risk reduction structures in the community; 220 households applied coping strategies to mitigate the impact of disasters

Funding (HK$): 6,878,000; No. of Beneficiaries: 35,600

WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Project

  • Drilled 34 boreholes and set up 19 rainwater harvesting tanks to increase clean water supply in communities
  • 27 WASH committees were formed and trained to manage the community’s water and sanitation facilities
  • Constructed 33 blocks of latrines for students and teachers; established health clubs in 16 schools to promote hygiene awareness

Funding (HK$): 6,746,000; No. of Beneficiaries: 27,770

Livelihood Project

  • 390 farmers learned about improved farming practices, such as pest and disease control, soil fertility management, and early planting to secure year-round access to sufficient food

Funding (HK$): 2,354,000; No. of Beneficiaries: 6,460

Food Programme

  • Partnered with World Food Programme to distribute food to refugee communities
  • Distributed seeds and agricultural tools, and provided training for families to continue their livelihood activities

Funding (HK$): 644,000; No. of Beneficiaries: 28,060

Total Funding (HK$): 16,622,000; Total No. of Beneficiaries: 97,890

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