Promising Land for Children to Grow

14-year-old Riki lives a peaceful life with his parents in a barren stretch of land in southern Indonesia. Life is not easy here and people in Riki’s community find it hard to make a living. Two major needs for children like Riki are education and nutritious food.

Riki, the Future Policeman

14-year-old Riki is the youngest child in his family. His father works as a farmer and his mother manages the household chores. Sometimes, she weaves Timor’s traditional clothes to earn money.

“I want to be a policeman when I grow up. As a policeman, I would uphold the law and punish those who break the law,” says Riki. Riki goes to a primary school in his community. The sixth grader loves school very much. Science, social studies, mathematics, religion, Bahasa (an Indonesian language), agriculture and drawing are all his favourite subjects. Every day, he enjoys studying what he learned after school.

“I like science because I get to learn about my surrounding environment,” Riki says. Riki also likes to spend his spare time socialising and playing football with his friends.

Properly Care for Children

Riki joined a World Vision’s children group where children gather and learn together after school. Through this group, Riki is becoming more active and confident to speak in front of people. Riki also gets to learn the history of his village.

Besides Riki, his parents also benefit from World Vision’s interventions. Riki’s parents have actively participated in the parenting workshop for learning how to care for their children properly.

“We did not have a permanent home but we have one now. World Vision also teaches housewives to sew so they can increase the family income. Once a month, parents meet to discuss issues affecting the community children. Now, we understand more about caring for our children. We know what it means to ensure proper health, education and life for our children,” says Riki’s father, Markus.

Better and Fuller Lives

After 17 years of working in the community, more than 3,000 children have benefited from World Vision’s work. “Thank you, sponsors! Now, I’m confident to speak in front of many people. I know my rights as a child after joining activities organised by World Vision,” says Riki.

Parent’s perception of their children is gradually changing. Like Riki’s father, parents  are now in a better position to provide education and nutritious food for their children.

Sponsor a child to help bring life-transforming changes to needy children and their communities!

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