Zimbabwe: Water Revives

22 March is World Water Day – a day for the world to celebrate and be reminded of the importance of having clean and fresh water. Last Christmas, the community of Rushinga received a wonderful gift – a solar-powered borehole that feeds into a 20,000-litre capacity storage facility. Now the community finally has water flowing from taps.

The installation of the solar-powered water system has brought great joy and relief to 1,100 Zimbabwean schoolchildren and the community. It was a dream that they had never dreamt – accessing abundant clean water from a tap.

Seeing water gushing out from a tap throws children into a celebratory mood. They now have more learning time unlike in the past when most of their time was spent looking for clean potable water. Tatenda, a female student from Bopoma Primary School expresses her delight, “We are happy and thankful to World Vision for giving us this water from a tap. This is great!”

The school head, Mr. Chihota also beams as he explains how the piped water will benefit both students and teachers: “Now, children have adequate water for drinking and other uses. This means they have more study time. Teachers are also happy because they no longer have to walk long distances looking for water, in other words, their time can be spent on assisting students.”

The solar-powered water system supplies water to a high school, primary school and the surrounding community.

Women fetch clean water for domestic use. 

The water system also brings relief to villagers. They will no longer spend countless hours searching for water, neglecting household chores and their children. Collen, a community member, describes the solar-powered water system as an oasis of hope as it will also prevent diseases. “Now we have safe potable water from the solar-powered borehole, which will go a long way to reducing diarrhoea among children and the community at large,” he says.

For the past decade, Rushinga did not have adequate rainfall leaving the community in desperation. The Bopoma River, which usually supplies water for livestock and people in the area, dried a month after the previous rain season. Due to a lack of adequate water, community members were no longer engaged in livelihood activities, such as farming. The new water system has revived their hopes of better days ahead. 

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