2016 Relief Work Report

2016 continues to see extreme weather, frequent earthquakes and conflicts around the world. The number of displaced people in the world is at its highest in recorded history; the Syria crisis alone has driven tens of millions of people out of their homes who are still hoping for an end to the dreadful conflict. Despite finding refuge in surrounding countries, many refugees do not receive the help they need because the region’s resources are stretched.

On the other hand, many of the poor succumbed to unexpected disasters: strong earthquakes in Ecuador and Pakistan, floods which continued for months in China, and food crisis in Ethiopia as a result of flooding and drought in different parts of the country due to extreme weather.

We are grateful for your kind support which enabled World Vision to bring indispensable help promptly to the affected, partnering with other humanitarian partners when needed. In 2016*, World Vision Hong Kong raised over HK$39.35 million (including HKSAR Government’s Disaster Relief Fund), and pooled it with other World Vision offices to respond to emergencies. We cannot prevent disasters but with joint efforts we can mitigate the impact!

*The 2016 fiscal year is from 1 October 2015 to 30 September 2016

Ethiopia Food Crisis

Fatuma (left) and her family receive seeds distributed by World Vision.

In 2016, parts of Ethiopia suffered El Nino-induced drought and rain failure; while other areas experienced unusually heavy rainfall with severe flooding. Climate shocks greatly affected crop yields and caused increases in food prices. Many families were food and water insecure; mothers and children were severely undernourished. As of August 2016, 9.7 million people are in need of emergency food assistance.

Key Activities

  • Distributed food aid to 221,590 people; provided treatment for severe to moderate acute malnourished children, and supplementary food for moderate malnourished pregnant and lactating mothers
  • Drilled wells to supply water for affected communities and constructed latrines to improve sanitation
  • Sensitised community members about the importance of health and sanitation; provided medical support for acute diarrhoea patients
  • Supplied assorted seeds for farmers to restore their livelihoods

No. of Beneficiaries: about 2,032,100

Syria Crisis

Kevin Chiu, CEO of World Vision Hong Kong, met a refugee family in Jordan, in September, and heard about their story and needs.

Towards its sixth year mark, the Syria crisis has displaced more than 11 million Syrians (half being children), 6.3 million are internally displaced people while 4.9 million have fled seeking refuge in other countries. Since May 2011, World Vision has been tirelessly providing help for Syrian children and families inside Syria, as well as in the region including Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

Key Activities

  • Partnered with other humanitarian agencies to provide food and cash assistance
  • Provided winter items for vulnerable families to stay warm during winter
  • Supported hospitals in Syria with medical supplies and medical staff with capacity-building training
  • Repaired and constructed water facilities and drainage systems to supply water and improve sanitation; distributed water filter kits, water storage tanks and hygiene kits
  • Worked with local partners to provide informal education and remedial classes for children to catch up on schooling
  • Set up Child Friendly Spaces to provide psychosocial support for children affected by the conflict

No. of Beneficiaries: about 2,370,000(From 2011 to 2015)

China Floods

In August, Kevin Chiu visited the affected people in Hunan and helped distribute child-friendly kits to children.

Since May 2016, multiple parts of China had been experiencing continuous downpours, leading to severe floods that washed away or destroyed houses, roads and farmland. As of October, over 1,420 people were killed or reported missing because of floods, floods-induced landslides or other extreme weather events; nearly 6 million people were relocated from their homes and over 100 million people affected.

Key Activities

  • Delivered emergency food aid, quilts, family kits and hygiene kits to survivors
  • Distributed child-friendly kits and set up Child Friendly Spaces to address the emotional needs of affected children

No. of Beneficiaries: about 73,370

Pakistan Earthquake

After the earthquake, survivors received relief items.
In October 2015, a strong earthquake measuring 7.5-magnitude hit major cities of Pakistan, causing over 270 deaths and injuring over 2,150 people. Houses were destroyed and many survivors had to seek shelter with relatives or in schools amidst cold weather.

Key Activities

  • Set up over 100 medical camps and served about 19,440 people with treatment and medicines
  • Organised health and hygiene training sessions for affected communities
  • Distributed relief items such as tents, hygiene kits, mosquito nets, mattresses, quilts and sweaters to about 17,150 people
  • 3,000 people participated in Cash for Work programme for livelihood rehabilitation

No. of Beneficiaries: about 44,920

Ecuador Earthquake

World Vision set up 22 Child Friendly Spaces, assisting children to release their stressful emotions after the trauma.
A massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit northern Ecuador in April 2016, causing significant damage in six provinces. The quake damaged over 500 schools and killed 660 people; about 28,770 people were forced to seek refuge in temporary shelters.

Key Activities

  • Provided emergency items including food aid, tarpaulins, kitchen kits and home repair kits to affected people
  • Distributed hygiene kits and water kits; installed water tanks in affected communities
  • Supported about 3,180 children in Child Friendly Spaces by providing non-formal education and recreational activities

No. of Beneficiaries: about 78,130

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