Afghanistan: How World Vision Saves Lives in Afghanistan

Roqaia, 23, lives in a remote village in Herat province of Afghanistan. Due to the lack of awareness and services on antenatal care in the community, she had lost her first five babies. In response, World Vision set up 36 Family Health Action Groups with 400 female members in three provinces, including where Roqaia lives, to promote health and nutrition practices for women and children under five. World Vision trained group members on various maternal health issues in order to provide health counselling to women in their community.

"No one told me about visiting a doctor when I was pregnant," Roqaia says, "I didn't eat proper food, have enough rest, visit a midwife, nor get necessary vaccinations." After taking better care of herself – resting and eating well, she gave birth to baby Yonos.

An Amazing Journey of 20 years

[Words from CEO] 20 years ago, on 1 September 1996, I began working at World Vision Hong Kong.

Preparing for Disasters

[Features] We can't prevent a natural disaster from happening, however, we can reduce the damages done by it.

Love of Badminton

[Child Sponsorship] Nehru Stadium is home to many athletes, some competed at the Olympics. Arshdeep trains here in badminton.

Empowering Women against Natural Disasters

[World Watch] Women savings groups in Mozambique have helped women to mitigate financial effects natural disasters impose.

World Vision Hong Kong in Mongolia (2015)

[Use of Funds] In 2015, World Vision Hong Kong contributed HK$23.94 million to support projects in Mongolia.