World Vision Hong Kong in Mongolia (2015)


Mongolia established a multi-party system and began developing its economy since 1992 but it has been a bumpy road. The government estimates that 67% of its population moved to urban areas and, mostly, to capital Ulaanbaatar before 2012. Social welfare, infrastructure, employment and housing are unable to meet the needs of the growing population in cities. The well-being of children has been greatly affected by poverty, alcohol addiction of family members, domestic violence, and lack of water and sanitation facilities.

World Vision began its work in Mongolia in 1991 to provide medical resources for clinics and hospitals. In 1993, World Vision launched an emergency relief to respond to severe snowstorm. World Vision opened its Mongolia office in 1995 and has been implementing development projects across the country. There are now 33 Area Development Programmes (ADPs) today.

In 2015, World Vision Hong Kong contributed approximately HK$23.94 million to support 5 ADPs and 4 other projects in Mongolia, benefiting over 270,000 people.

2015 Work Highlights

Area Development Programme


  • Provided alternative classes for about 850 preschool age children who were not able to enter kindergarten; sensitised 170 parents and teachers about preschool education
  • Over 5,600 children participated in extra-curricular activities such as dancing and drama to discover their talents
  • Educated over 8,000 people about basic hygiene; and more than 12,750 community members, including children and youth, learned about reproductive health and HIV prevention
  • 910 malnourished children received rehabilitation and more than 2,000 mothers received training on child feeding and caring
Child Protection
  • Provided child protection training for over 8,550 community members
  • 13,000 children learned how to build positive relationships with family members and others; about 1,700 children received psychological counselling at school
Funding (HK$): 20,770,000; No. of Beneficiaries: 254,240

Community Care & Rehabilitation Project

  • Distributed 60 gers (Mongolian traditional tent) to homeless families
  • Provided shelter and support for about 50 street children, and helped 11 children to reunite with their families
Funding (HK$): 850,000; No. of Beneficiaries: 2,000

Children's Education Project

  • Organised reading and writing activities for 920 children to improve their functional literacy
  • Trained about 1,000 parents and teachers with new methods on motivating children to read and learn
Funding (HK$): 850,000; No. of Beneficiaries: 500

School WASH Project & Improved Stove Project

  • Encouraged students to practise good hygiene; improved handwashing and water purifier facilities, benefiting 7,880 students
  • 260 vulnerable families received fuel-efficient stoves, which helps to save the environment by using less fuel and preventing children from smoke inhalation
Funding (HK$): 1,470,000; No. of Beneficiaries: 14,710

Total Funding (HK$): 23,940,000; Total No. of Beneficiaries: 271,450

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