Thank you for supporting Walk for Syria which was successfully held on 29 October. Around 1,800 people registered to join the Walk and raised about HK$1 million for Syrian refugee children!

Our gratitude goes to our co-organising partner — The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club, supporting media and groups, sponsors and volunteers!

The event photos have been uploaded to our Facebook page. We will continue our response to help Syrian refugees, hoping that the violence inside Syria would subside, people could return to their homes and start a new life.

The conflict in Syria has continued into its 6th year. Over 10 million people are forced to flee for a chance to live. The Syrians are living a difficult life and finding no place to call home. This is the biggest humanitarian crisis and is happening every day.

Use of Funds

For the last five and a half years, the staggering conflict has brought great damage in the lives of Syrians. Refugee families find little means to support themselves and heavily rely on humanitarian support. Children growing up to know only conflict and helplessness. Approximately 2 million children are out of school. Without education, their future looks gloomy.

“I used to play and go to school back in Syria. [Now] I sell tissues every day…” says Ali, 13, who earns little money from selling tissues on the roadside to support his family.


can support a Syrian refugee child’s learning for 15 weeks


can provide food assistance to a Syrian refugee child for 2 months

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