Last Update: 22/2/2017

Famine Declared in South Sudan

IPC Classification for South Sudan
(February to April 2017)

This map shows the IPC which estimates the level of severity of food insecurity in different areas of South Sudan.
Source: IPC

Famine has been declared in two counties of Unity state where 100,000 people are facing famine conditions. Brutal conflict and climate change continue to wreak havoc on the country’s deteriorating economy and food crisis. According to the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) update, nearly 5 million people – over 40 per cent of South Sudan’s population – are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. Since December 2013, the nation has been in conflict. About 2.1 million people have been driven out of their homes and unable to carry out their livelihoods, while over 1.5 million have fled to neighbouring countries.

Right now, over 270,000 children are already severely malnourished across South Sudan, and over a million more children are estimated to be acutely malnourished. ACT NOW to provide life-saving aid to children and families in starvation!

They are paying the price of conflict and climate change.

The famine declaration, made for parts of the country, has been caused by a combination of conflict and climate change. Insecurity and instability in South Sudan cause decrease in crop production and livestock activities, worsening food insecurity and nutrition status of vulnerable children and women.

A mother holds her severely malnourished baby, Malou, who is only 3 months old. She hopes that Malou can survive.

A nurse is examining baby Makuei who fell ill at the hospital.

A camp was affected amidst an outbreak of violence, leaving tens of thousands living in the open.

These makeshift tents house some of the conflict-torn families and children.

A worried mother carrying her frightened child and waiting to be assisted in a health centre.

World Vision’s Response

World Vision has been responding to the needs of the affected children, women and communities in South Sudan:

  • Food & Livelihood Assistance: Partner with World Food Programme to distribute food aid to families in need; support farmers by providing assorted seeds with training to resume farming
  • Health & Nutrition: Provide malnutrition screening for children and pregnant and lactating mothers; implement Supplementary Feeding Programme
  • WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene): Clean water supply for internally displaced people; distribute hygiene kits; construct water systems and latrines in communities

HELP NOW! Your support will reach hundreds of thousands of children and families who risk starvation in South Sudan following the declaration of famine.

*Your donation will go towards “Africa Hunger Relief” – a campaign raising funds to provide life-saving aid for the hungry children and families in African countries including South Sudan and Somalia.

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