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“We’re not capable of dreaming for the future. My children were born and raised in a tent. There is no tomorrow for them.”
— Aysha, mother

In recent years, civil wars, armed conflicts and hunger have become more intensive and complex. Children and families are threatened by violence and exploitation, leaving them in great danger. Every minute, 31 people are escaping from their hometown because of conflict. Children witness war, experience uncountable life-and-death situations, hunger and displacement. Suffering families desperately need someone to walk with them and to bring living hope to their children.

In regions of conflict, World Vision provides practical aid for vulnerable children who do not receive the protection they need from their families or society. War is brutal, but we can give them a hand in the midst of this.

Journeying with the Fragile

As a result of persistent conflict and natural disasters, fragile contexts experience chronic instability and stalled economic growth. They have to rely on the world’s humanitarian efforts to solve the most basic issues.

Out of Home, Out of School

Wars often affect children most. They are not only the most vulnerable, but are also at an age when they should be learning, exploring and growing, but this precious period has been ruthlessly taken away by war.


Our world is ever-changing. Even in the most prosperous and stable places, calamities may strike in the blink of an eye and without any signs – killing loved ones, destroying homes, displacing families - turning one’s life upside down in an instant.

Curb The Spread Together

Within a very short period of time, COVID-19 has spread all over the world, infecting many people and leading to a huge loss of lives. Worryingly, the virus is posing a risk to millions of refugees around the world.

The Pandemic’s Secondary Impacts

Over the past few months, the world has been deeply affected by COVID-19. Not only has the pandemic disrupted our daily lives, it also brought along other consequences that are potentially even more harmful than the disease itself.

Children Not Soldiers

Wars and conflicts have driven children out of their homes. With their families’ livelihoods destroyed, children may starve, drop out of school or even become orphans. Events such as witnessing the demise of their loved ones or the destruction of their homes leave indelible scars in children’s hearts, causing depression and psychological trauma.

Your support offers opportunities of Survival, Recovery and Hope.

Since last century, World Vision has been responding to the world’s most urgent disasters and humanitarian crises, by delivering timely aids to conflicted and vulnerable areas. The goal of World Vision is to be “first in” and “last out”—seeing families and communities through hardship to restoration.


  • Distribute emergency aid, such as food, clean water and hygiene kits
  • Provide shelter and basic commodities to meet urgent needs

As soon as conflict erupts, the displaced lack basic necessities such as food, clean water and shelter, and live in constant hunger, illness and fear. You can help them regain the capacity to thrive.


  • Help construct infrastructure such as water systems and latrines as communities rebuild and develop
  • Provide support such as improved seeds and beekeeping training to improve livelihoods and expand income sources

In areas affected by conflict, infrastructure is often destroyed or inadequate. Families are unable to make ends meet, meaning that children live with limited assurance. You can help them rebuild livelihoods.


  • Provide a safe living environment for children and families
  • Run Child Friendly Spaces to provide psychological assistance for children, and offer education or skills training for children and youths

During conflicts or crises, children are traumatised by the inevitable separation from, or the loss of, their loved ones, and left to live in despair. You can help them restore hope.

World Vision Partners and you can provide various forms of aid in socio-politically unstable regions where Child Sponsorship cannot be implemented. Together we will help children and families see through hardship and develop their resilience to embrace a brighter future.

Monthly Donation


Provide 4 conflict-affected children with early childhood education per year, equipping them with the necessary knowledge to catch up on their studies when formal schooling is available.


Provide 5 poor families with seeds and gardening tools per year, offering livelihood opportunities and a stable supply of food.


Provide 3 refugee children with psychosocial support and activities, helping them alleviate the effects of conflict while learning social skills and protecting themselves.