Mindsets Transformed to Tackle Drought and Eradicate Poverty


Mindsets Transformed to Tackle Drought and Eradicate Poverty

By Sarah Ooko

Against a backdrop of largely dry soils and wilting vegetation that is a common feature in most homes during drought seasons in eastern Kenya, Teresia’s home resembles an oasis within a desert. Her home compound is covered with lush green vegetation and numerous fruit trees.

In 2017, she and her husband Tom decided to turn their lives around after going through World Vision’s Empowered World View training. According to Teresia and Tom, the training enabled them to learn that God has provided human beings with all they need through natural resources found in the environment, no matter where they live or the climatic conditions that they face.

To make the lessons practical, World Vision usually combines the Empowered World View training with relevant tips on farming, animal production as well as other economic initiatives or livelihoods that suit targeted communities.

The first thing that Teresia and her husband Tom did after the training was to embark on planting trees. “We were taught that trees improve soil fertility and also make the environment cool. This protects surrounding farm crops from the glaring heat of the sun. They also keep us more refreshed and energetic since too much heat in dry areas tires the body easily. Now, we can work much longer on our farms,” she says.

The couple was also encouraged to select tree varieties that would result in environmental benefits to their land, while at the same time boosting their income and household food security.

“We opted for mango and orange trees which do well here and are adapted to the harsh climatic conditions that we experience most times in the year,” says Teresia.

Her 13-year-old daughter, Mercy, says that she loves the trees as they have made their land look beautiful and become a peaceful place to stay in.

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