A Young Tutor who Enjoys Sharing


A Young Tutor who Enjoys Sharing

By Falguni Mazumder

Tanzila, 12, is a World Vision sponsored child in Grade 8. She lives in a village in Mymensingh District, Bangladesh, with her parents, sister, and brother. A self-assured girl who loves to share, she is very popular in her community.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic when all the schools and other education institutes were closed, many children from my neighbourhood came to me with different study-related problems. As I knew their parents were not able to hire a private tutor for them, I deliberately started helping them,” says Tanzila. So far, she has been tutoring 13 students for free on a regular basis.

“I know if I don’t help them, many dreams will fade in the bud,” says Tanzila. “My elder sister had to stop dreaming in the middle of her studies though she was the brightest student in her class. Just for a lack of financial support, her dream was slaughtered. Now she is going to be a mother at an early age.”

Tanzila says, “I don’t want to see any more girls with the same fate as my sister. That is why I always stand by other students especially besides girls by teaching them for free.”

She is thankful to World Vision‘s Child Sponsorship Programme, which has enabled her to continue her studies. “Bearing educational expenses was a luxury for my poor parents. After I became a sponsored child, my education has been ensured,” she joyfully continues. “My success now motivates my father too to receive a higher education.”

Currently, Tanzila is tutoring 13 children in her community for free. “It inspires me to go further,” She says.

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