World Vision Hong Kong in Tanzania (2020)

World Vision Hong Kong in Tanzania (2020)


Having seen a steady economic growth in the past two decades, the United Republic of Tanzania has officially moved up from low-income country to lower-middle-income country status. In terms of eliminating poverty, while the percentage of people in poverty has decreased in recent years, the actual number of poor people has in fact increased as a result of the rapid population growth. After COVID-19 broke out last year, Tanzania’s economy has been dealt a heavy blow, which will likely push even more people into poverty.

Since 1981, World Vision has been helping children, families and communities in Tanzania to overcome poverty and hardships. Over the last four decades, World Vision has grown to be one of the largest humanitarian and development organisations in the country, working in 16 of the 31 regions.

In 2020, World Vision Hong Kong contributed approximately HK$20.35 million to support 4 ADPs in Tanzania, benefiting over 161,700 people.

2020 Work Highlights

Area Development Programmes (ADP)

World Vision Hong Kong supported 4 ADPs to improve the livelihoods of children and their families, and encouraged their active participation in the process of building a sustainable community.


  • Reached 18,850 people with preventive behaviour messaging on COVID-19, including handwashing, face masks, social distancing, etc.
  • Provided 4,170 sponsored children health cards which enable them to freely access health services.
  • Provided nutrition and infectious disease counselling for about 1,270 pregnant mothers and mothers or caregivers with children aged two and below.


  • Constructed hand-washing facilities in 24 primary and secondary schools, benefitting 7,390 students.
  • Provided about 3,850 people with access to a year-round improved drinking water source within 30 minutes round trip of their household, including queuing time.
  • Drilled boreholes to provide safe and clean water for villages, benefitting about 2,550 people.


  • Advocated for and supported children to receive education, benefitting about 11,330 children.
  • Organised monthly parent awareness sessions on the importance of promoting learning activities to children, with about 2,100 parents in attendance.
  • Constructed 51 reading camps, provided 15,000 story books and organised after-school reading activities that were regularly attended by about 2,960 students in the camps.

Child Protection

  • Provided training on child abuse and referral mechanism for about 1,500 people, hence scaling up the child protection system.
  • Trained 600 Junior Council or Children’s Club members on child protection laws, referral mechanism procedures, roles and responsibilities and harmful traditions, as well as child safety skills.


  • Ran savings groups to support children with school fees and other school necessities through loans generated from these groups, potentially benefitting about 6,630 people.
  • Trained about 420 farmers on improved agricultural techniques, including crop and livestock production, climate-smart agriculture, and soil and water conservation.
  • Provided training to enable more than 320 out-of-school youths to engage in businesses like retail, food catering, transport and other businesses.

Funding (HK$): $20,346,000; No. of Beneficiaries: 161,750

Total Funding (HK$): 20,346,000; Total No. of Beneficiaries: 161,750

Words from CEO

In the morning, I thank God for giving me life and the opportunity to follow in His footsteps to serve the poor and needy.

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