World Vision Hong Kong in Myanmar (2019)

World Vision Hong Kong in Myanmar (2019)


As a nation in transition, Myanmar has been making rapid progress in development and economic growth, perhaps best indicated by the fact that the country’s poverty rate has almost halved between 2005 and 2017. However, Myanmar still needs to overcome issues such as recurring conflict and climate change. Whether the people of Myanmar will be able to share their country’s prosperity will very much depend on how it responds to these challenges.

World Vision has been working in Myanmar since 1991. With operations in 13 of the 14 states/regions, including 32 Area Development Programmes, it is one of the largest international humanitarian organisations in the country. Apart from community development work, World Vision also offers relief support to internally displaced people and rehabilitation support to areas affected by natural disasters.

In 2019, World Vision Hong Kong contributed approximately HK$23.45 million to support 4 ADPs and 6 other projects in Myanmar, benefiting over 211,000 people.

2019 Work Highlights

Area Development Programmes (ADP)

World Vision Hong Kong supported 4 ADPs to improve the livelihoods of children and their families, and encouraged their active participation in the process of building a sustainable community.


  • Provided early childhood education for over 2,500 children aged 3-6 years old.
  • Renovated and provided support for 79 early child care and development centres.
  • Offered various after-school tutorials for about 1,480 children, which helped strengthen their learning in school and developed their time management skills.


  • Supported over 220 most vulnerable households by the Ultra-Poor Graduation model, which included food assistance and livelihoods training.
  • Facilitated savings groups to help about 5,360 people develop the practice of saving and receive accessible credit sources for their small business enterprise, thereby allowing their children (about 5,050) to receive good care.

Child Protection

  • Organised training sessions to raise awareness on child protection for over 5,500 community members.
  • Provided training to enable 3,730 boys and girls to identify the main child protection risks in their communities and actions they can take to reduce their vulnerability.

Health & WASH

  • Constructed 247 water supply structures and items, such as tube wells, boreholes and water tanks to provide access to clean water for over 9,260 community members.
  • Monitored the nutritious status of about 5,580 children aged below 5 regularly and referred children found severely malnourished to hospitals or health centres for treatment.

Funding (HK$): $18,204,620; No. of Beneficiaries: 185,710

Area Rehabilitation Programme

  • Provided relief packages, including kitchen sets, hygiene kits, bed sets and clothing, for over 4,840 internally displaced people to improve their living conditions.
  • Provided access to safe drinking water for over 4,520 students by installing water filters at 35 schools.

Funding (HK$): $2,802,640; No. of Beneficiaries: 20,000

Child Protection and Education Projects

  • Reached about 240 street children through outreach visits and provided them with meals, emergency health care and life skills awareness sessions that help them improve their self-awareness and develop positive behaviour.
  • Organised parental education sessions to help about 170 parents from slum area adopt positive parenting behaviour towards their own children.

Funding (HK$): $1,292,580; No. of Beneficiaries: 1,740

Livelihoods Projects

  • Provided more than 300 households with piglets for breeding and pig-raising training.
  • Provided bicycles for about 410 students to help them save time walking to school and allow them to have more time and energy to study.
  • Provided over 200 micro loans and financial education for people to invest in their small businesses and enable their children to gain access to education and better nutrition.

Funding (HK$): $1,145,940; No. of Beneficiaries: 3,700

Total Funding (HK$): 23,445,780; Total No. of Beneficiaries: 211,150

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