Thank You!
by Kevin Chiu, Chief Executive Officer of World Vision Hong Kong

I would be stepping down as CEO of World Vision Hong Kong at the end of 2019. Saying good-bye after 23 years is not easy. This more-than-two-decade engagement with the poor, donors, and partners has enriched my life beyond words. Many thought that all these years, I help and serve others, but the truth is: I am the one being blessed and served. I feel more abundant in every sense - especially inside!

There are many people who make this journey special and rich. I would like to mention a few to express my deep gratitude and appreciation:

First, the Colleagues - you make things work and get things done, every day. Many of you make untold sacrifice in trying to reach our vision - that every child may have fullness of life. I admire those who work in the front lines among the most fragile and extremely poor, where basic necessities and security are often lacking. You are the heroes of World Vision!

Second, the Partners - you support our works and share your talents, time, and resources. From corporations and churches to schools and artists and volunteers, you sing our mission, offer your trust, and walk with us, often for decades. You may not know, but many a time, your trust and partnership encourage and empower us to strive on when we feel like quitting.

Third, the Donors - your sharing and generosity operationalise our vision and make all the works possible. It is both an honour and a responsibility for the trust and resources you place on us - we don't want to fail you and try to be worthy of your trust! I am especially thankful for the Child Sponsors who often walk with us for 10 years, 20 years, or more.

Fourth, the Board Members - you are the unsung leaders of the organisation! You lead by example and govern quietly. You give your time and experiences voluntarily. I learn so much by working next to you, especially the three Board Chairs in the past 23 years - namely, Dr Daniel Chi Wai Tse, Dr Rosanna Yik Ming Wong, and Mr Sui See Yuen.

Lastly, I would like to thank my long-term friend and mentor, Dr Thomas Sze Tong Chan. You are the one who challenged me to join the mission of World Vision back in 1996. Without your invitation, I would not have had this amazing journey.

Thank you. Thank you. Your kindness is kept in a special place in my soul.

To God be the glory!

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