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Sharing from Global Citizen Internship Programme Interns 2021

In summer 2021, World Vision launched a two-month Global Citizen Internship Programme, in which local university students were recruited to take part in the daily operations of several departments of the Hong Kong office. Apart from gaining marketplace experience, the students were able to learn more about World Vision’s values and work. During their internship, the interns not only had to complete their assigned tasks, they also visited beneficiary families of our local ministry, attended staff’s sharing on their mission in their careers, and joined an online discussion session with students from Nepal, the Philippines, Cambodia and India, in which they discussed global issues such as climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. Towards the end of their internship, the students all shared their feelings and thoughts about the whole experience.

Daphne Hau (HKUST)

During this internship at World Vision Hong Kong, I worked in two departments, International Ministry and Marketing (PNS). Working at the two departments provided me with a diverse experience of working in an INGO.

The best part of this internship for me is that I had the chance to be responsible for a specific project in Nepal and was able to participate in the whole process. It began from reviewing proposals and communicating with the field office when I was working in the International Ministry department. With in-depth understanding of the project, I then switched to the marketing department and had the valuable opportunity to pitch the project to a major donor for funding. This working flow allowed me to have an all-rounded experience of how different departments collaborate with one another. It also gave me a sense of satisfaction as it made me feel that I had a contribution in making this project possible.

Overall, through this internship, I have gained fruitful experiences that will help me with my future career, no matter if I pursue a career in the marketing industry or the non-profit sector. I am glad that I have spent my summer on this internship.

Jack Wu (HKU)

During the 8-week internship, I have worked in two departments. The first department is the IM department. My job here was to assist in reviewing project proposals. It sharpened my analytical skills and logical thinking skills. Besides, I was responsible for presenting these projects to my colleagues, which further strengthened my presentation skills. Overall, I have learned more about the planning and implementation of area development projects.

Later I transferred to the marketing department, where I was required to assist in marketing activities including market research and project pitching. These tasks highly enhanced my transposition thinking skills. I could understand more about the work of World Vision while preparing the related materials. The brainstorming sessions and the department meetings were great opportunities for us to put our creativity into good use.

Apart from these, this internship also prepares many thought-provoking activities for us. For example, we are given the chance to exchange ideas on global issues such as COVID-19 and climate change with young leaders in the Philippines, Cambodia, Nepal, and India. It helps equip us as global citizens with strong global visions. Also, World Vision staff is always willing to share their life experiences, which are precious resources for teenagers.

Kally Lam (HKUST)

I am truly thankful that I could work as an intern in the Public Education Department of World Vision Hong Kong in this summer. During this internship programme, I was entitled to engage in various school talks and workshops. These opportunities were invaluable, and I was able to listen and chat with primary and secondary school students regarding global issues. Also, I was allowed to present part of the school talk in one of the partnering secondary schools. Not only did this opportunity permit me to create an engaging presentation, it also furnished my public speaking skills and gave me confidence in future public presentations. Moreover, I was assigned to update talk materials and conduct a research project regarding NGOs in Hong Kong. Exploring global issues in poverty, WASH and the impact of the pandemic on underprivileged countries in depth, this experience further furnished my knowledge in social issues. Most importantly, these trainings granted me an opportunity to reflect and ponder what could I do to make the world better as an individual.

I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my colleagues, especially my mentor. All the colleagues here are experienced, passionate and helpful. They are always willing to listen to our opinions and provide us with some feedback for future improvements. I am genuinely grateful that they offered me to work as an intern here, where I gained friendship, knowledge and experience.

Marco Tang (HKU)

At the beginning of my two-month summer internship at World Vision, I really was not expecting much. For most of us, what an international NGO like World Vision does just seems distant and irrelevant to our daily life. However, after learning more about how World Vision operates, I find that the international community, World Vision and Hong Kong are all tied in a series. World Vision does not only help different countries in the world, but even helps develop infrastructure, water supply and support for children, etc. Moreover, World Vision also has local projects in Hong Kong, and I think the organisation deserves a lot of credit for this initiative.

Sam Ng (HKBU)

At the beginning of the internship, I was assigned to do translation and Facebook post drafting. The translation work allows me to refine my Chinese and English writing skills. Later on, I participated in the video editing and voice over for various videos. I learned a lot of media production skills while producing 4 videos in 4 weeks. Moreover, my coworkers and supervisor from the communication team were very friendly and helpful during my learning. The skills that I have learnt here can definitely help my future career.

I was able to apply the knowledge from sociology to the local ministry. The local institutes, e.g. churches, play an important role on maintaining the connections around the neighbourhood, especially for social minorities, elderly living alone, single-parent families and ethnic minorities. The connections among the neighbourhood is crucial for their physical and mental well-being.

Shella Cheng (HKBU)

Interning at World Vision has meant a lot to me. First, I got to try work that I never tried before, such as writing annual reports, promotion pamphlets and editing videos, etc. Therefore, from drafting, editing to producing and even learning to do voiceovers. These experiences have enabled me to grasp the writing styles of different articles, and even encouraged me to leave my comfort zones to take up more new challenges. During the process, I have also gained better understanding of how INGOs operate. Moreover, I have also learned through different activities how global issues, especially climate change, may seriously affect poor regions. This has taught me to cherish what I have and offer more concern and help to others.

Tracy Pun (HKBU)

I have gained a lot of valuable takeaways and experiences during these eight weeks. First of all, I learned about the work of INGOs. In the internship programme, we were able to hear from other colleagues and understand the work of different departments. In my own department, by taking part in meetings and public education activities, I could understand that each event requires a lot of time and effort to plan and prepare, leading me to the realisation that work is tough. I also honed my working skills. For example, giving school talks can train my speaking skills and courage, which will help my future teaching career. Also, working with different colleagues can also train my communication and cooperation skills.

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