Frontline Stories

Sharing from local interns 2020

5 university students joined World Vision Hong Kong as local interns during 2020. Apart from learning about development and humanitarian issues, they also put such knowledge into practice by taking part in producing education resources for fellow students. Here are their reflections on their time with us:

Andrew Yip, HKU, 2020

During the internship, I was fortunate to have visited different secondary schools and participated in World Vision talks. My partner and I experienced and learned about using live broadcast to deliver a message on the impact of COVID-19 on poverty-stricken areas. Although not able to see the reaction of most students directly, we were grateful for the attentive listening of some student representatives on the spot. This has boosted my confidence on handling future lectures. When we were in the office, we worked together to design an experiential workshop. Apart from knowing more of the impact of climate change on peasants, I also experienced working with my partner and the staff, who were always willing to offer help. In the end, we managed to complete the design. This internship is a meaningful and unforgettable experience.

Phoebe Fok, HKU, 2020

I was so glad to an intern in World Vision. The staff here are full of love and caring. They are happy to answer my questions and share their experience. Such atmosphere encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and seek help. I also learned more about global issues, such as poverty, climate change, hygiene, and how they affect the poor nowadays. Amid COVID-19, it is a valuable chance to be in schools to observe talks and workshop and even, be one of the speakers. Besides, it was a fruitful experience in preparing workshops, including designing meaningful activities, finding useful materials, minimizing complicated contents and making correction after reviews. I was so glad to be in the Public Education team in my journey to become a teacher.

Antonie Cheung, HKBU, 2020

It was a fruitful experience working in World Vision, which benefited my understanding of different global issues and future careers. Having participated in designing workshops about climate change, I could apply what I have learned from geography as a discipline in providing ideas and suggestions. During the internship, my knowledge on poverty issues has enhanced. More importantly, I have a deeper understanding of the organisation’s development projects and education programmes at schools. It was also a pleasure to work with all the colleagues in the Public Education Department. Besides being nice to me, they also helped me improve my communication and collaboration skills. I gained a treasurable experience this summer.

Marco Tang, HKBU, 2020

Internship at World Vision is definitely a valuable experience. This opportunity gave me a better understanding of NGOs and public education, and also of myself. Besides, in order to design a workshop, I did a lot of research, which helped me learn more about different global issues, such as climate change and global poverty. My horizons were broadened and I gained a lot.

Yoaby Tsang, CUHK, 2020

It was a very meaningful experience working as an intern in World Vision Hong Kong. I had the opportunity to read frontline stories of people living in poverty, as well as to learn deeper about how climate change threatens their food sources and lives. When designing workshops for secondary school students, I was inspired that even though we cannot reach the frontline, there are a lot of actions we can take locally to help the needy around the world. From this internship experience, I found myself having great passion for humanitarian issues and I would like to keep going on the path of helping the underprivileged in the future.

Published on 9 Mar 2021

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