Frontline Stories

Sharing from local interns

Cherry Lam, HKU, 2019

During my internship in World Vision, I reviewed my expected role as a teacher in the coming future and had my view on poverty issues enriched. I treasured every school visit observing the “ecology” of those schools and how students engrossed in those experiential workshops and talks. For the time I stayed in the office, I mainly worked on the design of workshops. I was so satisfied when my partner and I finished our workshop on climate change! The high degree of freedom allowed me to incorporate some messages that I value into my design and I enjoyed this meaningful learning experience a lot.

Chloe Foo, HKUST, 2019

I am grateful to be one of the interns in World Vision Hong Kong. From the internship, I have understood more about poverty and noticed that public education is important for students in Hong Kong. It has been my honour to help raise awareness towards poverty in universities. Through outreach at secondary schools, I have also learnt about global issues such as child labour.

Ruth Hilda Law, HKU, 2019

It has been my pleasure to work as an intern in the Public Education Department at World Vision Hong Kong. I had the chance to participate in different experiential workshops and talks. As a teacher-to-be, I reflected on how I could play a proactive role in facilitating these advocacy activities, and I wish to promote child poverty topics which could be very diverse. Apart from observation, the hands-on experience of developing and modifying workshops allowed me to have a thorough understanding towards poverty issues, especially those related to refugees and climate change. My creativity was also nurtured and enhanced through communication with my partner. It was definitely a memorable and enjoyable experience to be a part of the team.

Phoebe Lai, HKU, 2018

Joining the internship in World Vision Hong Kong has granted me hands-on experience on global issues such as the Myanmar-Bangladesh Refugee Crisis and other kinds of humanitarian crises that are happening around us. Organising and preparing for the teaching resources, I’m inspired by how education inspires and empowers the youth to become global citizens to make the world a better for others. It has also been a worthwhile experience to have met some friendly colleagues who share the same vision and goal with me and guided me through the whole internship period.

Vanessa Chow, HKBU, 2017

It was a meaningful experience for me to have a summer internship in World Vision Hong Kong. By conducting research and developing educational activities for tertiary students, my horizon was broadened while comprehending different global poverty issues. Although there are fewer natural disasters in Hong Kong, the people do care about poverty issues. Therefore, upon graduation, I have pursued a career in helping people who are less fortunate.

Published on 24 Dec 2019

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