Frontline Stories

From Being Helped to Helping Others


John Nalukobo, now in his seventies, raises 7 grandchildren with his wife. Every day, he would read the Bible and prays with the 7 grandchildren while facing hunger.

“I used to feel very bad knowing that I was unable to provide for my grandchildren. And sometimes I would feel embarrassed because I would look everywhere and could not find anything to give my grandchildren that would sustain their stomachs.”

Sometimes he would notice that the children would just stop playing and sit down. He would then know that they were hungry even though they told him they were sick. John has some land, but because of his age, it is hard for him to work too much of the land. With a cow, he could plow more of the field, but he had no means to get a cow. When they had food—usually just some cabbages and onions that they grew—there would be a rush for the food when it was put in the middle. The children would fight and say, “I want to be full. I want to be full.”

If they had nothing, then he would go into the bushes and search for tubers. These could be very bitter or even harmful if they were cooked correctly. “That’s how the day would pass and we would look to another day,” John says.

Then he got the news that he had been chosen to receive goats through the Pass On programme, “After receiving that news, I was not calm. I was so excited. I really wanted the goats.”

World Vision gives him goats for multiply, he’ll be able to sell some to buy a cow to help with the plowing. World Vision helps him to learn some new agricultural techniques to improve his farming. He was able to grow corn, plus an increase in the size and quantity of his vegetables means that he also has food to sell. He says that hunger is something the family no longer thinks of now.

John is appreciative towards the family that donated the goats to him, because they have hugely improved his family’s lives. “They have strengthened my faith and my faith has really grown. It’s very important to be generous because as said in the Bible that you should love your neighbor as much as you love yourself. Therefore it is important to share with others,” he says. Now John has also become a donor of the Pass On Programme, donating some of his goats to other families in need.

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