In the ever-changing world that we live in, calamities may strike in the blink of an eye and turn one’s life upside down in an instant. For Syrian refugees living in Lebanon, the blast that happened on 4 August 2020 is one of such calamities. Prior to that, the economic crisis in their host country has already been causing food and livelihood insecurity, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only aggravated these issues in the past few months.

Thanks to the help of World Vision Partners, we have been providing support to people displaced by the Syrian refugee crisis over the past few years. Together, we can create lasting changes in the lives of Syrian refugee children over time, and help restore hope to them.

Frontline Stories

Sara and Jannatul come from two different corners of the world. One is a Syrian refugee living in Lebanon, while the other is a Rohingya seeking refuge in Bangladesh They may have different backgrounds, yet they suffer the same fate as conflicts have turned their lives upside down in an instant.

Cruel Truths

One in six children in the world lives in areas affected by armed conflict. This figure has risen by 74% in the past decade.

28 million children are on the move, because they were forced to flee their homes.

We know that ebbs and flows of life do not reflect someone’s worth. Children now living in adverse situation may change the world someday, if only they receive the help they need. Therefore, World Vision seeks to go alongside with children and families affected by conflict, through providing different forms of support and assistance. You may become World Vision Partners, and help us bring hope to those in conflicts.

Monthly Donation


Provide 4 conflict-affected children with early childhood education per year, equipping them with the necessary knowledge to catch up on their studies when formal schooling is available.


Provide 5 poor families with seeds and gardening tools per year, offering livelihood opportunities and a stable supply of food.


Provide 3 refugee children with psychosocial support and activities, helping them alleviate the effects of conflict while learning social skills and protecting themselves.

Your support offers opportunities to Survive, Recover and Build a Future.

Since last century, World Vision has been responding to the world’s most urgent disasters and humanitarian crises, by delivering timely aids to conflicted and vulnerable areas. The goal of World Vision is to be “first in” and “last out”—seeing families and communities through hardship to restoration.


  • Distribute emergency aid, such as food, clean water and hygiene kits
  • Provide shelter and basic commodities to meet urgent needs

As soon as conflict erupts, the displaced lack basic necessities such as food, clean water and shelter, and live in constant hunger, illness and fear. You can help them survive.


  • Help construct infrastructure such as water systems and latrines as communities rebuild and develop
  • Provide support such as improved seeds and beekeeping training to improve livelihoods and expand income sources

In areas affected by conflict, infrastructure is often destroyed or inadequate. Families are unable to make ends meet, meaning that children live with limited assurance. You can help them recover.

Build a Future

  • Provide a safe living environment for children and families
  • Run Child Friendly Spaces to provide psychological assistance for children, and offer education or skills training for children and youths

During conflicts or crises, children are traumatised by the inevitable separation from, or the loss of, their loved ones, and left to live in despair. You can help them build a future.

World Vision Partners and you can provide various forms of aid in socio-politically unstable regions where Child Sponsorship cannot be implemented. Together we will help children and families see through hardship and develop their resilience to embrace a brighter future.