Choosing Gifts

  1. What is the Gift Catalogue?

    It's a special compilation of gifts that aims at making a difference to communities in need. The gifts are delivered as part of integrated  projects that also include related training to help children and families in a unique way.

    When you buy a gift, you're sending a gift that supports our development work in specific category such as livelihood, water and health. For example,if you buy a gift of seeds, you're giving a donation to our livelihood projects, including training and seeds provision to families in need.

    If the funds raised from a specific gift exceeds the expected amount, the excess funds will support other items from the same category in the Gift Catalogue or World Vision's related poverty alleviation work.

    After decades of experience, World Vision has found this is the most effective way to really help a community.

  2. How do I order gifts?

    It's easy!

    1. Browse the catalogue to find the gift you like then click 'Add to Basket'.
    2. Select a card type (print your own card, send eCard on Facebook or via email) or no card at all.
    3. Continue shopping, or finish your selection by clicking on the 'Check Out' button.
    4. On the 'My Basket' page, you will see your full gift order with the card type(s) you selected. You can still change your card type at this point and the quantity of each gift. Click 'Pay Now' to complete your purchase.

  3. What do I get when I order a gift?

    You'll receive a card or an eCard for you to personalise and send on to your loved ones and friends.

    These cards are the perfect way to show a loved one the value of helping communities in need and go about making a difference to these communities.

  4. How are prices determined for the items?
    Costs vary depending upon each context, such as the type or breed of seeds or animals, where items are bought, logistics and transportation, and other factors. According to their need, it may also include associated training that assist families and communities to make the best use of the item.
  5. Who receives the gifts?
    World Vision works with community leaders or partners to identify suitable beneficiaries.
  6. How does World Vision purchase the gifts?
    Don't worry, we are not wrapping up gifts from Hong Kong and post them overseas. Instead, we pool the donations and allocate them to fund specific projects which a community needs it most. For example, when you give a goat or farming tools, you are supporting our livelihood projects, which include the gift itself and related training, assisting the family to earn a better living. In most cases, we try to purchase the items locally. This ensures the products (for example, seeds) are well suited to the local environment. Buying locally also helps support the local economy and keeps transportation costs to a minimum.
  7. What happens if a particular gift item purchased exceeds the need?
    We will use the excess funds to support other items from the same category or World Vision’s work that need them the most.
  8. Can I still buy gifts from last year's catalogue?
    No, sorry. The gifts featured in this year's gift catalogue represent the current needs of the families and communities with whom we work.
  9. Why do other charities offer the same gifts at different prices?
    Gifts are representative of activities carried out in our community development projects. Every organisation supports their projects in different ways, and prices may vary based on project location, kinds of items, or where items are being purchased.

Sending Greeting Cards

  1. Introduction
    Cards (both printed and digital) include a picture and description of your gift. You can personalise these cards with your own message.
  2. Can I get more than one card type for each gift?
    You can only select one type of greeting card for each gift.
  3. If I buy a gift on behalf of a friend or relative, how will that person be notified?
    You can choose to print your own card or send eCard to let friends and family members know that a gift has been given in their name and encourage them to share the blessing with the needy.
  4. Print Your Own Card

    Our cards are a bit different than cards you would buy in a shop. These cards include a picture and description of your gift. For example, if you order three gifts and select 'Print Your Own Card', you will receive three individual download links. You can then print out the card and write your message.

    Our greeting cards are beautifully designed, and especially for you to celebrate the joy of giving with your loved ones.

  5. Send eCard via email

    An eCard is an electronic card which includes a picture, a description of your gift and your personalised message.

    Follow these instructions to send an eCard via email:

    1. Add the gift item to your basket.
    2. Select 'Send an eCard' from the greeting card options.
    3. Fill in the information required (your name, recipient's name, valid email addresses and the date you would like the card to be sent) and add your personal message.
    4. Click the check box if you want a copy of the eCard sent to your email address as well.
    5. Preview your eCard to make sure the details are correct. Return to the previous page if you have to make any correction.
    6. After payment, you may view the final copy of the eCard(s) by clicking on them on the 'Thank You' page.
    7. The eCard(s) will be sent to the recipient on the date you select.

  6. Send Greeting Card

    Connect and send a greeting to your friend via social media! An eCard is an electronic card which includes a picture, a description of your gift and your personalised message.

    Follow these instructions to send an eCard via social media:

    1. Add the gift item to your basket.
    2. Select 'Share Greeting Card' from the greeting card options.
    3. Add your personal message.
    4. Preview your eCard to make sure the details are correct. Return to previous page if you have to make any correction.
    5. After payment, you will see the link of your eCard(s).
    6. You can then copy the link and share with your friend via social media.

  7. Will World Vision eCards expire?
    The eCards remain active permanently.
  8. No card
    Maybe you don't want a card for your gift item. That's okay. Simply select the 'No card' option.
  9. Can World Vision send the card directly to my friends or loved ones?
    We prefer to send the cards to the person who has placed the order so they can add their own personal messages.

When You Send a Gift

  1. Can my gift go to my sponsored child or their family?
    Your gift cannot go directly to your sponsored child. It will go towards a project which community's children and families really need, such as extra school desks, teaching materials or water and sanitation facilities. Click here for Gift Catalogue Annual Report.
  2. Can I send a gift from the Gift Catalogue to my sponsored child?
    No. Because all gifts from the Gift Catalogue are arranged for families with the greatest needs in communities, therefore, the gift you buy, unfortunately, cannot be directed to a specific receiver or your sponsored child. However, you are welcome to send small gifts when writing to your sponsored child. Click here to learn more.
  3. Can I get a photo of my gift being given to the child, family or community?
    Due to the volume or scopes of gifts purchased, it's not currently possible for us to provide individual photos. However, you can find stories on how gifts are changing lives on our website. For more details, please visit 'Why It's Great' page.
  4. How does World Vision run local projects in Hong Kong?
    World Vision focus on four pillars of work, “Nutrition and Health”, “Experiential Learning and Learning Support”, “Mental Wellness” and “Living Environment”, to help grass-roots parents and their children become resilient, while allowing the children to develop both their bodies and minds to stay healthy. For more details, please visit https://www.worldvision.org.hk/en/our-work/local-ministry
Pick A Gift
Pick A Gift

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