Emergency Relief

Syrian Refugee Response

After seven unimaginable years, violence and bloodshed are still ragging on. Syrian children have borne a heavy brunt of the conflict. Donate to give continuous support for millions of Syrian children......

Africa Hunger Relief

Hunger crisis driven by complicated factors, including drought and conflict, has left over 20 million people across East Africa in urgent need of food assistance. One in three children are malnourishe......

South Sudan Refugee Crisis Response

Since December 2013, South Sudan has been experiencing continuous conflict. Over 4 million people lost their homes and are displaced. More than 2 million refugees flee to the surround countries, while......

Myanmar-Bangladesh Refugee Crisis Response

Mr. Kevin Chiu, CEO of World Vision Hong Kong, made a visit in early November to the world’s largest makeshift settlement for refugees in Bangladesh.

Mosul Crisis

In 2014, conflict erupted in northern Iraq. Approximately 10 million people have been affected across the country, with more than 3.3 million people displaced, half of whom are children. Right now, th......

Long Term Development Programmes

Child Sponsorship

Sponsor a child with HK$270 a month, you can help bring life-transforming changes to needy children and their communities!

World Vision Partners

For just a monthly donation of HK$150 or above, you can provide much-needed help for those suffering from poverty, conflicts, disease, food shortage and many other adversities.

One-off Donation

Gift Catalogue Share festive joy! Select gifts like chicks and nutritious meals for needy children and families...
Share.LOVE Wedding Favour Donation On your joyous day, make it more meaningful by making a donation in lieu of wedding favours to celebrate the joy of giving with your guests!
Share.JOY Cash Gift Donation You can turn party favours or upcoming gifts of birthdays, anniversaries, retirement or other occasions into meaningful help for needy children.
Your Red Packet Your red packet can bring warmth to Syrian children, helping them to stay out of the freezing coldness amidst winter!
VisionFund Your donation can provide the loan capital for the enterprising poor to establish their own business and break away from the poverty cycle.
Legacy Giving Leaving a gift to World Vision in your will can change the lives of children and communities for generations to come.
Help Children in Need Your donation will support needy children and their families on improve their living conditions.
Donation to Where Most Needed Your donation will support World Vision's work in the most needed areas to help people alleviate poverty and help bring hope to the needy children around the world.