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  1. How does Childhood Rescue differ from other emergency relief works of World Vision?
    Childhood Rescue pools donations from Hong Kong and around the world to support children and their families in dangerous places like Afghanistan, South Sudan and Somalia. We also support children and families who have become refugees because of conflicts in places like Syria, Myanmar and Ukraine. While our emergency relief operations aim to meet the immediate needs in the aftermath of natural disasters and other special circumstances by providing shelter, clean water, food and other essential supplies, Childhood Rescue will support new and existing projects that do not only focus on short-term needs, but also address the mid- and long-term needs, enabling children and communities to survive, recover and build a future.
  2. How do I learn more about the progress of World Vision’s work in fragile contexts?
    We send out regular e-Newsletters to all Childhood Rescue donors to keep them informed on our work progress in particular places or sectors. All donors will also receive the World Vision Hong Kong annual report, which provides highlights of our overall works and use of donations. 
  3. Can I sponsor a child in Fragile Context?
    Unfortunately, no. The basis of child sponsorship is stability, this enables us to track and help the sponsored child, their families and community for years until they are grown.

    For children living in dangerous places, instability is a difficult part of life. Life is unstable and fragile. Families may have to flee in the face of social upheaval or chronic conflict, which may sometimes be worsened by a natural disaster or extreme climate event. They may already have no homes and must survive in temporary shelter if armed conflict had already destroyed their home town or made life too dangerous to live there. Families are on the go and therefore we are unable to commit to look after children on the long run. But we are committed to vulnerable children whose realities are unstable. Childhood Rescue is for these children, they may not have stability but they still have a right to a future.

  4. How does World Vision manage the use of donations?
    World Vision Hong Kong is committed to ensuring the proper and effective use of fund entrusted by donors. All projects are appraised, managed and monitored according to standard policies and procedures. Expenditures are carefully managed by strict cost control policies and audits. We provide Annual Report to our donors while the audited financial statements are also available on our website for access.
  5. Are my donations entitled to a tax deduction? Will I receive a receipt for each donation?
    Yes. World Vision Hong Kong is a tax-exempt charity of the HKSAR Government, so your donations are tax-deductible. To encourage charitable donations, the HKSAR Government exempts up to 35% of assessable income or profits on approved charitable donations. With our official receipts, donors in Macau can also enjoy tax deductions according to the tax ordinance of the Macau SAR Government. Receipts are issued for all donations. In order to reduce administration costs and better utilise our resources, an annual receipt listing the total donations in the past fiscal year will be issued to Hong Kong and Macau donors in every April and January respectively. Learn more
  6. What kinds of donation method are available?
    You can use direct debit, credit cards, Unionpay, PPS (Payment by Phone Service), crossed cheques, our online donation service, or you can visit our office in person to make your donations. Direct debit is the most effective donation method to help reduce our administration costs, followed by credit cards.

  7. Can I terminate my donations to Childhood Rescue?
    Yes, you can terminate your donations to Childhood Rescue for financial or other personal reasons. Please call our Donor Services Hotline on 2394 2394 for termination procedures.

Donation Support

You may support Childhood Rescue now. Through a monthly donation of $150 or more, you will support World Vision in providing various forms of assistance, enabling those who suffer to survive, recover and build a future.

To ensure our work is carried out efficiently in an ever-changing world, World Vision will support different regions and allocate funds to particular projects according to the most current needs.

World Vision Hong Kong, incorporated with limited liability, is a Christian humanitarian organisation working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty.
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