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22 million people need humanitarian assistance in East Africa

Last Update:2019/02/28

South Sudan, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia are currently facing a hunger crisis, brought about by factors such as drought, flooding and ongoing conflicts. As of today, the ongoing crisis has left 22 million people across the four East African countries in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, including 12 million children. Natural disasters and conflict have also forced 8.5 million people in these countries out of their homes.

South Sudan
Over 6.1 million people experience food insecurity

The growing humanitarian situation in South Sudan has forced over 4 million people to become displaced, with over 1.07 million in Uganda alone in September 2018. Food and clean water are two of the most urgent needs among them.

More than 6.1 million people, which is about half of the population, are in need of food security and livelihood assistance across the country. While famine is over at the moment, the situation continues to be very critical, and some areas may slip back into famine easily if humanitarian effort is jeopardised. Brutal conflict and climate change continue to wreak havoc on the country’s deteriorating economy and food crisis.

Kevin Chiu, CEO of World Vision Hong Kong, visited refugee camps in Uganda to witness the situation of South Sudanese refugees and the frontline works of World Vision.

5.4 million need urgent assistance as crises remain unsolved

More than 2.3 million people are displaced in Somalia due to drought, floods and conflict. This April, floods were recorded in the southern parts of the country following a period of heavy rainfall, affecting over 710,000 people. There has not been any significant improvement regarding food security and the nutrition situation. Over 5.4 million people need humanitarian assistance. Among children under five, over 300,000 are acutely malnourished.

More than 220,000 people have been forced to flee their homes across Somalia due to ongoing flooding. Families pack their belongings onto donkey carts while seeking safety on higher ground.

Livestock owners suffered great losses as their animals were killed during floods.

2.55 million people require immediate food assistance

Kenya has also been hit by extreme weather patterns. While drought continues to affect some parts of the country, since March this year, torrential rains have brought floods to various regions previously affected by drought, displacing more than 311,000 people. The floods have damaged water systems and led to the outbreak of diseases such as cholera. As a result of these extreme weather patterns, 2.55 million people now require immediate food assistance.

In Kenya, heavy rains and flooding have displaced over 311,000 people and damaged more than 200 schools. Community water systems have been damaged in several counties and the number of cholera cases is climbing in the north and east of the country.

Naroi, now 2, struggled with severe acute malnutrition.

7.88 million people need emergency food assistance

A prolonged drought, caused by a shortage of rain, and an ethnic conflict in the southern parts of Ethiopia have caused 1.74 million people to become displaced. Recently, various parts in southern Ethiopia experienced heavy rains, which were followed by flash floods. 3.8 million children need nutrition assistance. The outbreaks of acute watery diarrhoea and measles are also affecting malnourished children, and pregnant and lactating women.

Livestock owners cannot sell their animals in the market because their cattle and goats are too skinny.

World Vision’s Response

Since March 2017, we have reached about 4.4 million people through programmes that deliver food assistance, provide protection services, ensure communities have clean water, address child and maternal nutrition and meet other crucial needs.

South Sudan

  • Distribute food aid to families in need*; support farmers by providing assorted seeds with training to resume farming
  • Provide malnutrition screening for children, and pregnant and lactating mothers; implement Supplementary Feeding Programme
  • Clean water supply for internally displaced people
  • In host countries such as Uganda, World Vision is reaching South Sudanese refugees through its food assistance*, child protection programmes, relief item distributions, and water and sanitation work


  • Provide communities affected by floods with various items such as plastic sheeting, blankets, clothes and hygiene kits
  • Supply clean water and offer water management training
  • Provide healthcare services through health centres and mobile health teams


  • Provide food assistance* and carry out malnutrition screenings for children, and pregnant and lactating women.
  • Distribute cooking utensils, tents and mosquito nets to communities affected by flood
  • Train community volunteers on hygienic practices


  • Distribute food rations for needy families; provide livelihood support such as distributing seeds and training for farmers
  • Support expansion of water supply structures
  • Treat children suffering from malnutrition

* World Vision partner with World Food Programme to distribute food aid in South Sudan, Uganda, Somalia and Kenya.

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