Southern Africa Cyclone and Floods Relief




Floods and cyclone ravage Southern Africa, hitting 2.5 million people

Last Update:2019/03/22

Three countries in Southern Africa have recently been hit by floods and a cyclone in quick succession. In early March, Malawi and Mozambique were both hit by flash floods that brought considerable damage. But soon after relief began, Cyclone Idai struck Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, bringing massive rain and floods, with Beira, the fourth largest city of Mozambique, experiencing the greatest impact. The disasters have already killed over 1,000 people, displacing hundreds of thousands. It is estimated that 2.5 million people have been directly affected by Idai. While the actual figures of casualties still need to be confirmed, they are expected to be much higher than the current ones.

Most of the areas affected by this double disaster have been experiencing crops failure in successive seasons, as a result of a lack of rainfall and drought. In the aftermath, many children are subsequently exposed to various threats, such as being separated from family members, disease, hunger and injury. Not only are they unable to return to school, but their lives have been turned upside down.

World Vision staff Joseph Kamara reports from his visit to Beira. “The situation in Beira is very, very bad. There is no single building that I have seen that is still intact. Trees are uprooted, the sand from the beaches have come into the cities.” He also points out that the massive flooding has halted public services and made communication very difficult, while aid can only be delivered by planes. Joseph describes the situation of the affected as “desperate” and is deeply upset at their plight.

World Vision’s Response

World Vision is already responding on the ground. We are providing various emergency items, including food, daily necessities, hygiene kits, clean water and shelter, etc. to help meet the most urgent needs. We will provide the following assistance:

Food Assistance

  • Distribute food aid to the affected
  • Provide malnutrition screening and treatment for young children, pregnant and lactating women.

  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

  • Provide clean water and rehabilitate water supply facilities
  • Construct latrines and install handwashing facilities and bathing spaces
  • Distribute hygiene kits, jerry cans and water chlorination tablet packages

  • Livelihood

  • Distribute non-food items, such as tents, kitchen kits, clothing, tarpaulins and blankets

  • Protection

  • Establish Child Friendly Spaces to provide support and protection for children

  • World Vision staff distribute relief items to respond to the needs of the affected.

    With their homes lost to flooding, people can only depend on humanitarian aid for the meantime.

    After Cyclone Idai made its landing in Mozambique, the subsequent flooding has driven people to the top of buildings.

    The affected receive relief supplies that can ease their immediate need, yet they still rely on further assistance to build their resilience against future disasters.

    In Zimbabwe, the power of the flash floods is best illustrated by the destruction left behind.

    The affected children and families need you. Please act now to provide the help they need to rebuild their communities.