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Impact of earthquake and tsunami still felt one month on

Last Update:2018/10/31

A month has passed since Sulawesi, Indonesia was hit by a shallow earthquake of 7.5 magnitude and a tsunami on 28 September. With over 2.4 million people affected, more than 2,100 killed, over 4,600 injured and about 1,300 missing, the impact is still felt in many people’s hearts.

In late October, Mr. Kevin Chiu, CEO of World Vision Hong Kong, visited Palu and the regencies of Sigi and Donggala, some of the worst-hit areas, where he met with and served those affected by the disaster. World Vision has been implementing area development programmes in the areas to children and their communities.

As of now, some 223,000, most of them children, are still living in evacuation centres and need immediate support. “The tents are overcrowded and very basic. It is a huge challenge to maintain hygiene here. World Vision is not only responding to the most immediate needs here, we also hope to help rebuild homes and communities, and we need your support to do that,” said Mr. Chiu as he visited Jono Oge, a village affected by liquefaction caused by the earthquake.

World Vision's Response

A long presence in the region and a strong partnership with the government and partners have allowed World Vision to begin its response immediately after the disaster. In the first month after the disaster, we have been able to serve the affected in the following ways:

  • Distribute food supplies, benefitting over 6,450 people
  • Provide access to clean water, benefitting over 2,440 people
  • Distribute blankets, mats and shelter kits to about 1,930 families
  • Set up child friendly spaces, over 1,420 children have participated in the activities so far
  • Operate mobile clinics to provide access to health services
  • Provide appropriate nutritious food to children and pregnant women

World Vision will continue to work closely with the national government and partner agencies, with a target of meeting the immediate needs of 80,000 people. In addition to distributing emergency relief items, and providing psychological supports to women and children, we will actively assist them to restore their livelihoods and return to normal life.

Children and families urgently need your help to return to their homes and rebuild their communities. Please act now!

Palu’s iconic Yellow Bridge was completely destroyed during the earthquake and tsunami.

Kevin Chiu visited affected communities and offered his encouragement to those displaced by the earthquake and tsunami.

Food and relief items are distributed to meet survivors’ immediate needs. World Vision aims to attend to the needs of 80,000 people.

Jono Oge Village, one of the areas affected by liquefaction, saw the soil sank as much as 7 metres. Here used to be bridges, roads and houses, which all sank underneath, burying people and animals alive in the process.

Child friendly spaces provide a safe environment for children. Here children can go through psycho-therapy by taking part in games and informal learning.