Indonesia Earthquake & Tsunami Relief




An Earthquake and Tsunami Prone Country

Last Update:2019/01/02

On 22 December night a high tide and a three-meter volcanic tsunami hit Banten Province and South Lampung, the casualty toll is close to 2,000. The number is expected to grow as relief workers are assessing the affected area. As people are moving to safe locations, the number of the displaced is on the rise.

World Vision’s emergency response team has arrived the disaster area. They have set up mobile Child Friendly Spaces to address children’s needs and started feeding programmes for the young ones. Further response will be coordinated with the local authorities and emergency services.

We are deeply concerned about the impact of this disaster event on children who can be deeply traumatised by losing loves ones, homes, schools and their sense of trust in everything around them.

The tsunami is one of the three major natural disasters Indonesia has experienced in the four-month-period since August when a 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit Lombok and killed over 100. In September the Sulawesi Island was hit by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that resulted in over 2,100 deaths and 2.4 million people affected.

Children and families who are affected by the disasters urgently need your help to return to their homes and rebuild their communities. Please act now!

The affected area was left with debris of houses and garbages.

The disaster has brought extensive destruction to the affected area.

The mobile library set up by World Vision in Pandeglang, Banten, provides a refuge to children who can find relief and comfort through reading and learning.

A Child Friend Space was set up in a shelter in Pandeglang. Here children can recover through social activities, games and colouring pictures.

The affected in Pandeglang received family kits each containing a blanket, a sarong, a mat and a mosquito net. Children under two got children’s kits.

World Vision's Response

WV has experience in responding to disasters in Indonesia by addressing the needs of those hit by the earthquake and tsunami in Central Sulawesi. Since September we have alleviated their suffering in various ways:

  • Provided food assistance to around 21,200 people and supported 177 households’ nutrition through Infant and Young Child Feeding programs
  • Provided access to clean drinkable water for over 10,900 people
  • Distributed non-food items, e.g. Family kits, shelter kits, to over 39,000 people
  • Set up 29 Child Friendly Spaces which have been participated by more than 4,000 children
  • Constructed 3 temporary classes in 3 elementary schools and distributed 1,400 school kits to children

World Vision will continue to work closely with the national government and partner agencies, with a target to meeting the immediate and long term needs of people affected by these disasters. Besides distributing emergency relief items, and providing psychological supports to women and children, we will actively assist them to restore their livelihoods and return to normal life.

Kevin Chiu visited affected communities and offered his encouragement to those displaced by the earthquake and tsunami.

Food and relief items are distributed to meet survivors’ immediate needs. World Vision aims to attend to the needs of 80,000 people.

Child friendly spaces provide a safe environment for children. Here children can go through psycho-therapy by taking part in games and informal learning.