100,000 Reasons to Sponsor


We Sponsor Simply Because…

Ai Wai

My reason is simple: I can manage. I have been a sponsor for 21 years. While life was full of ups and downs, I have never thought about cutting ties with the sponsored children, because my life and theirs have become intertwined. It gives me so much joy to see them thrive. I believe that you have got to do something meaningful with your life, and without a doubt child sponsorship is one of them.

Danny So

I started sponsoring when I was in university. As I was not earning a lot, I persuaded my family to support me to sponsor, and the rest is history. I think that we are often scared to take the first step when we cannot see the finish line, but Child Sponsorship does carry the children across the finish line by helping them grow up healthy. Trust this first step and you will never be in doubt anymore!

Scarlett Wong

When I started sponsoring, all I thought of was to do good and help others. Looking back on these ten years as a sponsor, I feel that I have gained so much more in return. It is as if I have got two new pen pals, though their letters may be brief. There was one time when my Mongolian child wrote “I love you sister” in his letter, and it really warmed my heart.

Andy Leung

After working for two years, I discovered a void in my heart, even though I was having lots of fun in life. This was when Child Sponsorship started to catch my eye. It has enabled me to learn more about something outside my circles. For me, it is not a burden, but rather a commitment in life that requires my effort to continue to thrive. That was how I felt when I started sponsoring.

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