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32 gifts from World Vision’s Gift Catalogue help vulnerable children change lives

Christmas is a time of giving, and for many this year, the need is greater than ever. By picking Christmas gifts from World Vision Hong Kong’s Gift Catalogue, one may share the joy of giving with loved ones while changing the lives of vulnerable children with thoughtful and practical gifts. The gifts will give children access to personal hygiene products and education.

In this year’s Gift Catalogue, new items such as “hygiene kit for poor family” and “soap bars and sanitation education for poor children” are added, helping those in need to practise good hygiene at all times to prevent the Coronavirus spreading. A total of 32 gifts have been specially selected and listed on the Gift Catalogue website. All are welcome to be donors and choose gifts for poor children, or send the gifts on behalf of friends and families.

The Covid-19 pandemic affects everyone, but for people living in developing countries, it is particularly worrying time. Medical and hygiene equipment is on low supply. Living conditions are basic. Children are forced to drop out of school at an early age due to financial difficulties, or stay at home because schools are closed.

Sending gifts through the Gift Catalogue website can support World Vision’s five areas of work in these communities, which include childcare, education, livelihood, water and health, and infrastructure.

After choosing a gift, donors may add a card with personalised messages, send it to their loved ones as a special Christmas gift via social media, email or mail, sharing the joy of helping others.

Below are a selection of gifts from the Gift Catalogue:

1. COVID-19 related and personal hygiene

a. Provide a hygiene kit for a poor family ($250)

Giving vulnerable families sets of hygiene items such as soap, sanitisers, and bleach can prevent them from being infected by COVID-19.

b. Provide 10 soap bars and sanitation education for poor children$150

In times of pandemic, lack of hygiene items and relevant knowledge makes poor children especially vulnerable. Giving them soap bars and education can help them practise good hygiene and stay healthy.

c. Provide menstrual hygiene kits for a girl$100

Giving menstrual hygiene kits which include pads, liners, underwear, soaps, and washing basins to girls in poor areas can help them improve their personal hygiene and health.

2. Education

a. Provide school uniforms and stationery for drop-out children$120

Being able to go to school is not taken for granted. Many cannot afford to do so. Providing uniforms and stationery for children who once dropped out of schools can help them enjoy school life.

b. Provide textbooks for a poor student$300

Poor children in many parts of the world love textbooks. Giving them textbooks can help them continue their study.

3. Livelihood

a. Provide improved seeds for poor families$350

Quality seeds provide greater harvests, giving families plenty to eat and allowing children to grow healthily. This results in more income and a better life.

b. Provide a goat for a poor family$550

Goats may be small in size, but they have a big part to play. Goat milk can nourish children while goat manure can be used as a fertiliser. Giving just a few goats can improve the livelihood of a poor family.

c. Provide a pig for a poor family$600

Pigs are treasures to farming households. Apart from multiplying quickly, pigs can also help improve crop harvest by producing a good fertiliser: their manure.

d. Provide 20 chicks or ducklings$700

Farmers living in barren regions find it difficult to sustain themselves just by farming. Sending poultry to these families can help improve their income and living conditions.

In addition to the above gifts, all are invited to be our child sponsors during this festive season, join hands with World Vision to make a difference in poor communities.

For more information on Gift Catalogue, please visit our website or contact us on 2394 2394.

Gift Catalogue website:

Published on 11 Dec 2020

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