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Myanmar-Bangladesh Refugee Crisis Response


"We have been unable to eat properly for the past 20 days," says a worried Toyoba while holding her child in her arms.

Sahara’s husband was killed and their house got burnt when violence erupted in the Rakhine State. She and her 1-month-old baby survived and fled to Bangladesh. “My husband was killed. We survived. We have no place to live, no money. We have nothing.” says Sahara.

A part of Balukhali Refugee Camp is inundated by heavy rain.

Refugees displaced by the violence that erupted in the Rakhaine State are now living in makeshift tents in Kutupalong Refugee Camp.

Anwara, a young mother, says, “When we were coming, my elderly father passed away… Now we eat only when someone hands us food. Each day is becoming very difficult to provide for my children.”

World Vision staff conducting needs assessment in Balukhali Refugee Camp.

"Today our family can eat some rice together," says Nure. World Vision is distributing food relief kits to families near the borders of Bangladesh.

It took Hossain three days to reach Bangladesh with his one-and-a-half year old daughter. Clean drinking water, schooling for his four children, latrine and plastic roofing top his wish list.

World Vision staff and volunteers assist in unloading goods from relief trucks and distributing them in refugee camps. These goods include rice, lentils, salt and sugar.

Displaced children and families need YOU. Please act now!

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