Frontline Stories

Africa Hunger Crisis

South Sudan

Amandru (left) and her three children walked almost four weeks to reach the refugee reception centre in Uganda.

Currently, 85% of the South Sudan refugees in Uganda are women and children.

World Vision partners with World Food Programme to distribute food for the displaced.


The multi-year drought in Somalia causes deaths of a large number of livestock.

Thousands of nomads have been walking for hundreds of miles to look for a more fertile land.

Saîd used to have over 200 goats, but half of them died because of drought.


11-year-old Joseph is forced to drop out of school so as to take care of baby brother Muluken. Despite the efforts of Joseph, his family still has no food, leaving Muluken severely malnourished.

Livestock owners cannot sell their animals in the market because their cattle and goats are too skinny.

Gulo has lost eight cows in a month. He believes that the remaining cattle will die gradually due to lack of water and food.


9-year-old Ejiem sits with the carcass of his favorite sheep. Many animals were killed by the drought.

Lopeto, 12, holds the dried stomach of a hyena. Without food and water, people are starting to eat scavengers like hyenas and vultures.

Out of hunger, Akure and her children are sucking the marrow from donkey bones. The family’s last cow died in the night before.

Villagers line the road with carcasses of dead animals, a cry for help.

Baby Charity, 8 months, was severely malnourished. Fortunately, she got to the hospital in time for treatment.

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