What World Vision is doing

In communities where World Vision works, we help strengthen local and national child protection systems in contextually-appropriate ways so that governments, civil society, faith-based actors, community stakeholders and children are empowered and coordinated to work together to create an environment that protects children from violence.

Our work in preventing and responding to violence against children includes:

What YOU can do

You can also help save children from violence in different ways:

Sponsor a child

Countless children around the world live in poverty, deprived of education and the opportunity to grow healthily. Some of them are even exploited as child labour. The future of children is closely related to their families and communities. By donating HK$9 a day, you can sponsor a child and bring long-term transformation to his/her family and community.

Become a World Vision Partner

Children are driven into exploitation by poverty, violence, hunger and conflicts. By making a monthly donation of HK$150, you can help provide them with much-needed assistance for restoration, including street children centres, children shelters, education and training.

Be well informed

Violence against children happens everywhere. In Fearing Wrong, our global survey, 76% of the people surveyed said they knew of a child victim of violence. 62% believed that the problem was worsening.

Make sure children in your life and community are aware of their rights and equipped with the life skills needed to protect themselves and resolve conflicts peacefully.

Lobby for law or policy change to better protect children from violence. Raise awareness through various channels and forms.

Pray for children experiencing violence.

Share this page and become part of our campaign. Call for an end to violence against children. Get updates by following us on Facebook.

We can end violence against children one step at a time. Join us now.

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