30-Hour Famine 2018 has been a huge success. Thank you for your 30 hours which are so precious to us!

We would like to thank…

All campers for their participation despite the challenging conditions,

All volunteers for their tireless service, and

All sponsors and supporting groups for their generosity towards refugee children and families.

The camp may be over now, but the mission to achieve ‘zero hunger’ for refugees goes on. You may…

The Plight of Refugees

Since March 2011

  • No. of refugees: 5.4 million
  • 1.31 million people are in desperate need of humanitarian aid
  • Over 6.5 million lack food security

Hamad fled from Syria to Lebanon with his children. Cold weather during winter has limited this father from farming and consequently caused him to lose a stable source of income. He has even fallen into debt for rent and food, yet his children are still starving.

Since December 2013

  • No. of refugees: 2 million
  • Over 4 million people lost their homes and are displaced
  • 1.1 million children under five are acutely malnourished

The ongoing military conflict in South Sudan has made life very difficult for families to maintain. World Vision provides nutritional supplements such as Plumpy’Nut to malnourished children like Abuk. Yet, the more pressing need is to help families secure stable food supply.

Since August 2017

  • No. of refugees: 630,000 (in Bangladesh)
  • Over 60% of the refugees in Bangladesh are children under 18
  • 21% of refugee children under five are malnourished

Laila’s home in Myanmar was burnt and her husband was killed. She arrived at Bangladesh with her disabled young child. Due to the lack of nutrition and clean water, her son’s health continues to deteriorate.

** Figures as of end of December 2017

We thank Famine Ambassador Karena Lam for coming to 30-Hour Famine to share what she experienced in her trip to refugee camps in Uganda. We also thank Famine Stars AGA, Alfred Hui, Hubert Wu, JW, Kelvin Kwan, Ng Yip Kwan, Phil Lam, Robynn & Kendy, Tang Siu Hau and ToNick for cheering the campers on with their music and selling creative goodies at the Famine Market to help refugee children and families.

Donate Now

Funds raised from this year’s 30-Hour Famine will support World Vision to provide food, health and nutrition, and livelihood assistance to children and families affected by conflicts in Syria, South Sudan and Myanmar.


can provide 19 people with a month’s supplementary nutrition, including lentils, oil and salt.


can provide 5 families with cooking utensils to help improve children’s nourishment.


can provide 3 families with clean water and improve children’s health through the construction of boreholes.

In April, 2018, World Vision Hong Kong held a public fundraising event for "Famine 30". Please click here for the audit report.

Special Thanks

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