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School Talks 2015-16

Educate students to care about and to respond to poverty issues.

Used Book Recycling Campaign

Your donation will help poor children in rural areas of Yunnan to reach their dreams! Act NOW!

Skip A Meal

Skip-A-Meal in any day in April! Donate your saved money to support hungry families!

New Sponsor Orientation

Oct 2015 and Nov 2015
Learn more about the Child Sponsorship and how to communicate with your sponsored child...

Become a Volunteer

Put your love into action by becoming a World Vision Volunteer to make a difference in the world...

Practise Corporate Social Responsibility

Mobilise your staff to participate in charity and social services.

Follow Jesus Christ

Serve people in need. Help every child live life to the fullest.

 Latest News & Issues

Vision Voice Autumn 2015

Have you taken toilets for granted? Can you imagine life without toilets?


Millennium Development Goals

While the MDGs are due to expire at the end of this year, the SDGs will follow...


 Ways to Give
A Gift of Love A Gift of Hope

Pick a special gift for a child in need!

Your Red Packet

Spread the joy to children with disabilities in China with your red packet now!

Wedding Favour Donation

Child Sponsorship

Your sponsorship can make a difference...

World Vision Partners

Reach out to the world's vulnerable...

World Vision China Partners

Care for the poor and vulnerable in China...


Help liberate the poor families from poverty...

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