Come experience African children’s life
Love connects

This year’s Spring Charity Barefoot Walk for Children was successfully held on 28th February. More than 1,900 people gathered at The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club to walk barefoot and raised over HK$1.4 million supporting refugees in South Sudan!

The theme of this year is “Come experience African children’s life. Love Connects”. Every participant, adult or child, was transformed into an African child upon registration. In the “African village”, participants tasted “tree leaves” and plumpy’nut supplement, and went to a simulated war zone to learn about the difficult life of South Sudanese children. Corporate and organisation teams also experienced the turbulent life of refugees in workshops.

Thank you once again for your support and donations that bring hope to the children of South Sudan! Our gratitude and appreciation also go to our organising partner — The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club, supporting media, sponsors and volunteers!

Share your love, share your experience! Invite your friends and families to become a child sponsor or donor to bless the people in need!


Since the civil war broke out in late 2013 in South Sudan, located in eastern Africa, over a million of people, half being vulnerable children, were displaced and forced to flee from home. To stay away from the fighting, many refugees live in hideous refugee camp and rely on food provided by relief agencies. The large number of refugees has put tremendous pressure on food supply. Many in starvation are struggling to survive with some even resort to eating tree leaves.

Your contributions together with other donations received from World Vision famine activities will provide support to over 400,000 refugees of South Sudan, including the provision of food aid, water containers, children healthcare and more!


can provide 1-month food aid to 12 families (partnering with World Food Programme)


can provide water containers for 40 families


can provide healthcare service for 12 children

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Donation Online
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