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A Different New Year
A Better Life for African Children

Event Hightlights

Over 1,700 participants took part in this year’s Spring Charity Barefoot Walk for Children, raising over HK$1 million for the needy in Kenya. Thank you for your generous support!

Although it was a bit chilly on the event day, we saw exciting children and adults at the Clearwater Bay Golf & Country club, gathering for one purpose – to ease hunger of poor children in Kenya. It is love that bridges the physical distance.

Besides the barefoot walk, there were experiential workshops that let parents and children try farming, fetching water, and some hard labour work. It was a good education opportunity for families.

The newly added teambuilding activity has brought over 20 corporations/organisations to the Walk. Through African drums and handicrafts, the teams got some exposure to African culture. It was also a test of their team work and creativity!

Once again, thank you for all your support and donations! Our gratitude and appreciation also go to our organising partner, the Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club; supporting media, Sky Post; performer group, OULAMII SOOJ; sponsors and volunteers!

Share your love, share your experience! Invite your friends to become a child sponsor or donor to bless the people in need!

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