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World Vision Tuberculosis Volunteers Save the Life of Children

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the world’s top infectious killers. In 2013, an estimated 550,000 children fell ill with TB.

Moe, 6, is happy to be back at school after suffering from TB. Her mother didn’t know much about TB. Moe was sick for two months and has lost weight until her mom consulted a World Vision TB volunteer for help. Moe tested positive for TB and began treatment immediately.

Moe used to be an active little girl. Right after she turned six, she began getting sick often. After visiting a doctor, she felt better for a while, but it didn’t last long.

Moe’s parents are labourers at a rubber plantation and their income is barely enough for their daily needs. They didn’t have money for medical expenses.

Moe was no longer active like other children. She remained weak and sluggish for two months. At that time, Moe’s mother, Wah, was invited to join a World Vision health education session on TB taught by Ma Cho.

"My daughter was sick when I attended the health session. As I learned about the symptoms, I found that my daughter had similar symptoms, such as fever and swollen glands in her neck. She was getting thinner too."

"I wasn’t sure about my daughter’s condition, so I spoke to Ma Cho who taught the health education session. She advised me to take my daughter for a TB test," says Wah, "The x-ray result showed that my daughter had TB. I was so worried for her."

Ma Cho encouraged Wah and advised her about the TB medicines that her daughter would need to take regularly. "She taught me how to treat my daughter, like how many times a day to take medicine and also the side effect she might experience," Wah shares.

Little Moe’s condition improved after one month of medication. Ma Cho visited Moe every month and delivered her medication from the TB department. She also monitored Moe’s growth.

"After one month, my daughter had no more fever. She felt better and had better appetite. Her weight increased month by month. As my daughter began to recover, our family was happy," Wah shares with joy.

"While my daughter was under treatment, the volunteer regularly came to our home. I also invited my neighbours to attend the health education sessions," Wah says.

Now that Wah has a better understanding of TB and its symptoms, she refers suspected cases to World Vision TB volunteers. And she also helps monitor patients.

"After six months, a full course of medication, we went to the doctor and tested again. I was so happy to hear that my daughter was TB-free. She is back to school with her friends. She has gained weight too," Wah smiles.

"I’d like to say that, if you have TB, do not be shy and afraid. Consult a doctor and take medicines regularly as prescribed by the doctor. With systematic treatments, you will be totally recovered," Wah shares.

"I am very happy that I can go to school again," says Moe.

The entire village is now aware of TB. The community is no longer fear of TB as they have the knowledge that enables them to get the right help to save lives.

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