Frontline Stories

Sharing by Participants of Study Trips

2014 Mongolia Teachers Trip (Jessica Cheng)

Throughout the trip, I witnessed the long term commitment of World Vision’s staff and volunteers. Your generous support bring back love, hope and dignity to street children, children with disabilities, alcoholics and people in need. You all had turn the impossible into possible! They can face their every day with an optimistic attitude and positive mindset despite challenges. They help each other by showing support and encouragement. I wholeheartedly believe that Mongolia is a country full of hope! We ought to learn to be thankful!

2014 Youth Education Programme Sri Lanka XP Trip (Yumo Tang)

During this visiting, I felt so motivated by having witnessed the success of Area Development Programs (ADPs) in different extents. A “World with Zero Poverty” is not only an unrealistic dream but depends on whether each of us is willing to take one step forward. Many people around the globe are striving anonymously to achieve this goal.

2014 Cambodia Famine XP Trip (Ying Shi)

"Do you live happily in Hong Kong?" a child asked. This was a question that kept echoing in my mind. Although they were living in a wood and straw hut, producing their own vegetables and eggs, wearing donated clothes, and travelling by bikes provided by World Vision, they were happy. I could hardly told them that I was not happy with all the good things I have in Hong Kong.

Indeed, happiness comes from contentment. I feel that I am really blessed.

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