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Farming Green Helps Protect the Environment

Anh, 12, lives with his parents and two siblings in a coastal area in Vietnam where the sandy land used to be unproductive. With World Vision’s support, Anh’s parents received training to practise sustainable agriculture with ecological farming. They have been expanding their farm by raising pigs, ducks, and fish. They also planted trees, which stabilises the land and acts as a windbreak. The family produces their own biogas too. Such livelihood supports enable Ahn’s parents not only to support their family, but also to pay for their children’s education. Currently, more than 300 families use biogas for cooking in Anh’s community.

Anh shares more about his family:

Our new brood of 500 ducklings. When their legs are strong enough to swim, my mom guides them into the fish pond for bathing. There, they can hunt freely for insects living in the weeds. Each year my mom is able to raise three broods of ducks like this and to earn about 18 million dong (USD800).

The large pond behind our house, near the pig pen and biogas tanks, offers fresh fish for dinner. Sometimes, if my mom needs some money to buy more food, my dad just brings the fishing-net to the fish pond. Then, there will be a fine catch of fish for my mom to sell at the commune market.

Every time I look at this ground-water pond, full of fishes, and the green windbreak surrounding it, I cannot believe that this place was just a white sand dune. My parents turned the bare land into a green and productive farm.

We don’t take all fishes we catch, we return the small ones into the pond. Moreover, we want them to reproduce more fish.

World Vision also helped my parents to build a biogas system for cooking to help protect the environment. The green fuel source for biogas is the waste from my family's pigsty. My parents also use the waste treated from biogas tanks to produce compost for veggies, rice fields and to feed the fish.

I hope the environment of our village is always green, clean, and safe for everyone to enjoy. My parents have used biogas to protect the environment. They have struggled to farm green for more than 15 years to turn this once bare and white sandy land into a green and productive farm. So, my parents often say, “to farm green is to help protect the environment”.

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