Will Malou Survive?

In South Sudan, baby Malou cries a lot because she is hungry, but her mother, Ayei, is also starved to produce any milk for Malou. 3-month-old Malou, however, is too young to consume any therapeutic food. World Vision staff are providing food for Ayei to regain her strength to breastfeed Malou later.

Whether poor or rich, living in peace or conflict, children deserve the basic rights to life and survival. Unfortunately, more than 3 million children under five die of malnutrition every year due to hunger, poverty, climate change and conflict.

3 million is not just numbers – they make up half of Hong Kong’s population. Every child deserves the rights to live and be fed.

Skip a meal, donate your meal money and help starving children like Malou! Join Famine 30! Help us to provide food for 500,000 people.

Invisible Meal

An invisible meal can bring real happiness to you and the hungry afar. (Video available in Chinese only)

We believe that when having been through the poor’s struggles like hunger, one will identify more easily with them.

Event Details

Famine 30 ‧ Food for Every Child
Skip a meal and share your meal with children in hunger!

It has been 33 years since the start of the Famine movement in Hong Kong. Our vision is: As soon as the number of hungry people gets to zero, we will end the Famine movement. This year, we will continue to mobilise the Famine movement – Famine 30, to skip meals for hungry children.

Famine 30 will not be confined to a certain location or time. We call for Hong Kong’s general public to invite their friends, classmates, colleagues and family to join. Skip at least one meal, any day and anywhere in April, and donate to help children and their families living in hunger.

Let’s start a movement, will you?


Start on any day within April 2017


“DIY Famine”
Throughout April, DIY your Famine activities on your own or in teams!

“Famine Relay”
Pass on the Famine spirit! Form a team with your family or friends to complete the 30-day Famine challenge together in April. Start on any day in April, each team member takes turns to skip at least one meal a day for 30 consecutive days, raising funds for hungry children.

(Click here for Corporate Participation. )

Be the voice of hungry children using your social media!


Past 30-Hour Famine participants, friends and families…EVERYONE

(Note: Please consider your health conditions. If you are unable to fast, you can support us through direct donation.)

Come check out our exhibitions with your friends and family!



1 April

Opening Ceremony
Time: 2:30pm
Venue: Stars Atrium, 1/F Plaza Hollywood, Diamond Hill
Officiating Guests: Andy Leung@C AllStar, Kary Ng, Lillian Wong Ho-lam, Mag Lam Yan-tung, On Chan@C AllStar, Phil Lam, Supper Moment

1-4 April

“Food for Every Child” Exhibition (With interactive exhibition, photo booth and Famine action zone)
Time: 1 April (Sat) 4:00pm - 8:30pm; 2-4 April (Sun to Tue) 11:30am - 9:00pm
Venue: Stars Atrium, 1/F Plaza Hollywood, Diamond Hill

14-17 April

“Food for Every Child” Exhibition (With interactive exhibition)
Time: 11:30am - 9:00pm
Venue: 5/F Cityplaza, Taikoo Shing

24-30 April

“Food for Every Child” Exhibition (With interactive exhibition, photo booth and Famine action zone)
Time: 11:00am - 9:00pm
Venue: G/F Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong

30 April

Closing Ceremony
Time: 3:00pm
Venue: G/F Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong

Officiating Guests: Akina Fong, Daisy Wong, Lillian Lui Lai-hung, Mag Lam Yan-tung, Ryan Lau, Supper Moment

Famine Tips


Invite your friends, classmates, family and colleagues to skip at least one meal together and DIY Famine activities: hiking, movie, photography... Join effort to multiply your impact on ending global hunger!


Connect with us through Facebook and the Famine Action App* to receive latest updates and discount of partner restaurants! (*App is available in Chinese only. For details, please visit our Chinese website.)


Join in the Famine spirit by taking photos with the special photo frames featured in the Famine Action App.

Join Now!

Together, our actions can start a citywide movement – through skipping meals and making donations/fundraising – to support the world’s hungry children! Register online or download registration form to join Famine 30.

Registration Information

  1. Please consider your health conditions or seek medical advice prior participation and decide the number of meal(s) being skipped. Children under 12 should obtain parental consent before registration and be accompanied by a parent or guardian when skipping meals.
  2. Online registration: Participants can register online and make a donation with their credit cards.
  3. Registration form: Download and fill out the form and return it to us with crossed cheque/ bank-in slip through email, fax or mail. Donations can be made through credit cards, crossed cheque, direct deposit/ATM transfer or 7-Eleven outlets. Do NOT send cash by mail.
  4. To avoid duplicate registration, please only register through one channel.
  5. Once registered, you will receive an email with a link to your online sponsorship page, which can be forwarded to your friends and family to raise funds.
  6. If online donation through credit card is successful, sponsors will receive an instantly generated e-Receipt. As for other donation methods, World Vision Hong Kong will send out donation receipts for 2016/17 tax deduction on or before 7 May 2017 for donations received on or before 31 March 2017. For donations received after 31 March 2017, donation receipts will be sent out later for 2017/18 tax deduction. Please note that donation receipts may be sent out separately. If you are part of a team, please note that all donation receipts will be mailed to the contact person for further distribution to team members.
  7. To reward the participants with the most funds raised (by 23 April 2017), the top 160 fundraisers of “DIY Famine”, each team member of the top three teams of “DIY Famine” and that of the top five teams of “Famine Relay” will receive a Famine 30 T-shirt. (The number of prizes per team is limited to 30.)
  8. To reward the participants with the most funds raised (by 23 April 2017), the top 10 fundraisers of “DIY Famine” and top fundraising team of “DIY Famine” and “Famine Relay” will receive SEIKO watches. (The number of prizes per team is limited to 30.)
(Click to see FAQ)


This year’s raised funds will support World Vision’s projects in African countries, including South Sudan, Zimbabwe and Somalia, to provide children and families with food, health & nutrition, and livelihood assistance, such as:


Supporting World Vision's partnership with World Food Programme to distribute food aid


Training 2 caregivers to prepare nutritious meals for malnourished children


Supporting 12 households to purchase assorted vegetable seeds

Special Thanks

  • Akina Fong
  • Andy Leung@C AllStar
  • Chan Cheuk-ming
  • Daisy Wong
  • Dr. Tong Shiu-sing
  • Ho Hong
  • James Hong
  • Kary Ng
  • Lilian Lui Lai-hung
  • Lillian Wong Ho-lam
  • Mag Lam Yan-tung
  • On Chan@C AllStar
  • Phil Lam
  • Robynn & Kendy
  • Ryan Lau
  • Sammy Leung
  • Scarlett Wong
  • Subyub Lee
  • Sunny Chan
  • Super Girls
  • Supper Moment
  • Tang Siu-hau
  • Tsui Wing
  • Vicky Fung Wing-ki
  • Yapp Hung-fai
  • Yuki Lovey

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