We would like to thank the around 700 people who participated in the “Peace for Every Child Charity Walk” on 21 October. With their effort and funds raised, they have helped provide practical help and hope to Syrian refugee children. We also extend our wholehearted gratitude to The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club, our co-organising partner, as well as groups, sponsors and volunteers for their ardent support which has made the event a huge success.

Photos taken during the event have been uploaded to our Facebook page. We will continue our work in assisting children and families affected by the conflict in Syria, while eagerly hoping that peace would be restored soon for them to return home and start a new life.

Since 2011, the conflict in Syria has displaced tens of millions of people. About 3.7 million children under five have grown up knowing nothing but conflict. Despite their difficult condition, many Syrian children have not given up their dreams, they continue to study in refugee camps, hoping for a brighter future.

Shaima, 12, fled Syria as her village got destroyed by missiles and bombs. She and her family walked 72 km to the refugee camp in Jordan, however, her sister died of sunstroke on their way. “I felt sad – our family was very close, and suddenly, we were torn apart,” Shaima says, “I wish I could turn back time but there is nothing I could do.”

After three years in the refugee camp, Shaima is happily learning again, she says: “I like school a lot because I get to learn a lot of different things. Today we had math, and we learned how to divide numbers. I really enjoyed it.”

After school, Shaima likes to meet her friends at the football pitch, “When I first came here, World Vision encouraged me to play football. So now I like it, and I’m not scared anymore.” Shaima hopes to become a paediatrician because she witnessed many suffered and wants to help others.

Shaima and her family fled the violence in Syria and have been living in a refugee camp in Jordan. She is studying hard and hopes to become a paediatrician.

“World Vision encouraged me to play football. So now I like it, and I’m not scared anymore,” says Shaima.

The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club fullly supports the event, including sponsorship for the operation, transportation, food and beverage, setup and programme cost.

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